Congratulations to Brandon Richer, Braxton Tacbian and Lyle Gardner, our Installation of the Week winners for the week of March 19th. Brandon, Braxton and Lyle installed a Trane XV95 High Efficiency furnace, and modified and sealed the duct work at the Wilson residence in Issaquah, WA.

The Wilson’s old furnace required a new gas valve, and had cracked heat exchangers – a potentially dangerous condition where Carbon Monoxide can actually enter the home’s air from the furnace. Given the age, required repairs, and desire for improved energy savings and comfort, the Wilsons decided to replace their furnace.

old furnace

A new Trane XV95 high efficiency, variable speed furnace was installed. This furnace provides excellent energy efficiency with a 95% fuel efficiency rating, and a variable speed blower motor that uses less electricity. This blower also allows air to be circulated continuously to provide more even temperatures throughout the home. This furnace also provides improved comfort with two stages of heating, to allow the system to more closely match heat output to the actual needs of the home.

New PVC venting was installed , and the old metal venting was capped. A new drain line was also installed to route condensation away from the new furnace (high efficiency furnaces get so much of the heat the produce into the home, that water vapor in the exhaust can condense into liquid, and must be drained away). Significant modifications were made to the duct work and plenums to accommodate the new furnace, which is wider than the old one. the ducts were also sealed to ensure that the system actually delivers the comfort and efficiency the Wilsons wanted.


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