At BelRed Energy Solutions, we want you to get the most out of your heating equipment. We specialize in heating service and repair, including furnace maintenance, multistage heating, nest home heating, and more. Let our expert heating technicians help prevent your heating system from breakdown.

Did you know that the heating system in your home averages around 4600 hours of operation per year? Even though most of us stop to consider the milage on the vehicles we drive, we usually don’t consider how many “miles” we are putting on our heating systems every year. If you compare your heating system’s 4600 hours of operation to a car traveling at 60 MPH, you would have driven 276,00 miles in the year.

Would you have changed your oil, or gotten your car serviced in that timeframe? Chances are, yes – you would have! Maintenance is important to make sure your vehicle operates safely and efficiently, and your heating system is no different – it requires regular checkups and cleaning to ensure it is functioning properly.

Improperly maintained furnaces, heat pumps, and other heating systems can become a safety hazard if they are not properly tended to. For example, gas furnaces need to be checked for carbon monoxide (CO) gas leaks, clogged filters, and dirty blower wheels. Even fireplaces require regular inspection and cleaning. Creosote buildup or cracks need to be identified, cleaned, and sealed to prevent fires.

Not only does checking your heating system ensure it is operating safely, it also makes sure that the system is not using more energy than necessary. Getting your heating system serviced or repaired now will keep it running efficiently, which keeps you comfortable while also keeping your energy bills low. It also prevents the need for additional inspection visits in the winter.

With cold weather around the corner, the time to schedule maintenance of your heating equipment is now. Make sure you stay warm and cozy this winter – call for an appointment today.