The weather is (finally!) starting to warm up and the Pacific Northwest is coming to life once again. It’s the most beautiful, enjoyable time of the year for many, but the thought of higher temperatures may have you wondering whether your home is ready for summer. These days, everyone is buzzing about smart thermostats and what they can do to for your home.

What exactly is a smart thermostat?
A smart thermostat is installed in your home and connects to an app on your smartphone, giving you the power to control your house’s temperature from any location. There are many different brands, styles and customizable features to choose from. But are these smart devices really a smart investment? Why should you purchase a high-tech device when you’re perfectly content with that old-fashioned dial on the wall? Here are some of the benefits to adding a smart thermostat to your home that may cause you to change your mind:

  1. Save Money. Smart thermostats can save you a significant amount of money on those pesky energy bills. According to a study by Nest Labs, smart thermostat owners save about 10-12% on heating, 15% on cooling (or about $131-$145) in just one year!
  2. Preserve Energy. Learning thermostats can geolocate your phone. So, if you leave your house, the thermostat will adjust accordingly to save on energy. Once the device recognizes that you’re heading home, it’ll turn the air conditioning up (or down, based on your preference) so you can walk into a perfectly comfortable atmosphere on these warm Seattle days.
  3. Make Life Easier. Whether your family takes a trip to the coast and forgets to turn down off the air conditioning before you leave or you’re worried about the comfort of your furry family members while you’re at work, you can ensure your home’s climate is ideal by checking your smart thermostat app. The app will tell you things like the humidity, temperature and air quality of your home so you can make necessary changes on the go.
  4. Keep You Safe. Smart thermostats don’t just keep your house pleasantly cool or cozy, they also alert you about severe weather in your area. Smart thermostats can shut off the furnace if a smart smoke alarm indicates fire, warn you if your pipes are in danger of freezing, monitor your air quality and more to keep you safe.

If you are interested in installing a smart thermostat or if your home’s heating and cooling system is in need of professional maintenance, we invite you to contact a licensed HVAC technician at BelRed today!