Even though we’re still hanging onto the beautiful August summer weather, now is a great time to be thinking a few months ahead and determining if your current heating solution is right for you and your home. While there are many options out there, as you probably know, we’re going to focus the next few blog posts on one green, safe and reliable option in particular—gas fireplace inserts.

Below, we’ve outlined just a few of the benefits of gas fireplace inserts. To find out the full range of benefits and to learn if this year is a good year for you to make the switch to a safe, green and affordable heating supply or heat supplement for your home, please contact our team today.

  • Gas fireplace inserts are sealed for efficiency. One major issue with wood-burning fireplaces is the loss of efficiency when warm air from the home escapes through the flue. This can occur either through faulty sealing or, most commonly, when someone forgets to close the flue when the fireplace is not in use. This can also allow cold air drafts to enter the home. Both problems obviously contribute to lower efficiency and poor comfort levels for your home during cold months. When installed correctly, gas fireplace inserts all but eliminate air leaks and heat loss—even when installed in existing fireplaces!
  • Maintenance is a breeze. If you own a wood-burning fireplace, you know maintaining it properly can be a fairly large burden. Regular cleaning of the chimney is crucial to avoid potential chimney fires and to maximize performance. Ashes and soot need to be removed from inside the fireplace on a very regular basis to maintain safety and to make sure logs can breathe properly to stay lit. With a gas fireplace insert, maintenance is much easier and requires much less work and attention. Regular inspection is still important, but beyond that maintenance is simple.
  • Placement and design of gas fireplaces are flexible. While many models, specifically those that retrofit to an existing fireplace, are designed to utilize the current chimney, other direct-vent models can be placed in other areas. This gives design flexibility when thinking about the installation of a gas fireplace. Some models vent directly out to a sidewall in the home, eliminating the need for a chimney. Gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts also come in a variety of designs and sizes, making each unique to the home and homeowner’s preference.
  • Gas fireplace inserts pump out heat. Many remember the early days of gas fireplace inserts, which were typically more for decoration than for actual home heating. Those days have past and fireplace inserts are now powerful heat sources that can efficiently heat a large portion of your home.
  • They provide heat when the power goes out. Unlike many other sources of heat, gas fireplace inserts can be used when the power is out, which is especially useful during times like these when we’re experiencing high wind storms.
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