While the rest of the country has been suffering with record heat, the Seattle area has had fairly mild temperatures. With summer finally here, calls from people wanting to install air conditioning are on the rise, and they want it NOW! BelRed Energy Solutions is here to help!

Specializing in residential installations, BelRed Energy Solutions is able to offer some of the fastest installations available. In fact, we can usually install your system in as little as 3-5 business days. While this may not seem fast when you are hot and want relief, it does take time to do things right:

  • We evaluate where and if your AC system can be installed. An improperly sized system, or one that is installed on poor ductwork, will not deliver the comfort or efficiency that you paid for.
  • BelRed guarantees every system we install will perform as designed, or we give you your money back (see guarantee for details). In order for us to make this promise, we need to take some time to ensure the system and your duct work are designed properly.
  • Air conditioners are not like other appliances you can buy for your home. A refrigerator will work the same way in every home, just plug it in. An air conditioner requires proper sizing, installation, charging and set-up in order to work well. Our licensed and NATE certified installers and technicians take the time to do things right, so that you will have many years of comfort and efficiency operation from your system.
  • All AC installations require permits to be pulled, and many require inspections BEFORE they can be started up. While this takes time, this process is to protect your safety. If anyone tells you a permit is not required, send them packing!
  • Finally, the best time to install an air conditioner is when you don’t need it. When it gets hot out, it takes more time to get into the schedule of a reputable company – as demand is much higher. If someone offers to install a system for you today, you should question why they are able to do so, and if you will really be getting what you paid for.

When you are ready, call us for more information, or to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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