As we recently mentioned in a post about gas fireplace inserts on our BelRed blog, fall is upon us. The night temperatures are beginning to drop and it’s time to start thinking about how to make your home as efficient as possible this winter. As you’re aware, heating your home and keeping it performing at a high standard requires preparation. In this blog post series, we’ll bullet out some tips to make sure you’re ready for anything winter can throw at you when it comes to challenging your home’s energy efficiency and performance.


  • Know your bills. Chances are good that your utility company has records of your bills from last year during this time and through the fall/winter months. These are probably easily accessible online if you have a registered account with your provider. During these falls months, do some research to see how much you spent per month and, if possible, see what the biggest energy draw was for you. Having this type of knowledge can bring a sense of focus to your energy saving efforts. Knowing when you’re using the most energy will allow you to concentrate on being as efficient as possible during those heavy times.


  • Insulate heating ducts and pipers where possible. Basic insulation around heating ducts and pipes can save a great deal of energy loss in your home. Ducts that are inside the walls and ceilings in the home likely already have a great deal of insulation around them. However, exposed ducts in the basement, for example, can cause a great deal of lost heat and energy. The more energy wasted, the harder your home has to work to keep itself comfortable.


  • Replace aging, inefficient appliances. If you have the ability to do so, replacing inefficient appliances with newer models can help offset some of the inevitable energy cost increases during the winter. It’s appropriate to think of your home as a complete system when it comes to home efficiency—savings in one area can make up for increases in other areas.


Stay tuned to the BelRed Home Energy Blog as we bring you more fall home energy savings tips soon. At BelRed, we’re all about high home performance and saving you energy (and money!). Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn the best ways you can prepare for the cold months ahead with BelRed’s help.