In this industry, and especially on this blog, we discuss a lot of ways to save energy and improve efficiency through better equipment, help from professional staff, tips and trick, and so much more. However, before any of this energy saving happens, there is one thing at the root of all energy efficiency and consumption issues – energy awareness.


It’s extremely common that homeowners have little to no idea how much energy they and their families are actually using on a regular basis. So, it’s extremely hard for them to know that something needs to be done if they are consuming too much energy or their home is more inefficient than it should be. Contactors hear it all the time – “I had no idea I was using that much energy!”


This is one of the reasons for many marketing campaigns by energy companies and government organizations. If common awareness is spread to more individuals, a collective benefit can be felt on a much broader scale as improvements are made and overall efficiency is increased in homes all over. Energy Aware is another organization whose main goal is to increase awareness and distribute products and education around energy consumption and ways to reduce it. There are many other organizations striving to do the same thing.


The benefits of energy awareness go far beyond energy savings as well. The thing that sometimes resonates most with consumers when they discover ways to make their homes more efficient and reduce their energy footprint is the actual cost savings it can have for them personally. Monthly utility bills can often be cut substantially when a homeowner becomes aware of how much they are consuming in terms of electricity, gas, etc. and take steps to reduce that amount. We’ve also discussed many tax credits and other incentive programs that can save homeowners a great deal on their tax bill at the end of the year. Without knowledge of their usage, many homeowners miss these valuable opportunities to take advantage and realize these monetary savings.


There are also many actions being taken from a technology and innovation standpoint in the industry. We’ve discussed at length the implementation of smart grid and smart meter technology in our area and areas all around the country. These meters, while helping utility companies monitor power and energy usage and act accordingly, can also serve as a great resource for homeowners wanting to know how much they are consuming. They can see how much they’re not only using at an overall level, but even down to specific appliances. This is just more detailed knowledge that they can use to make adjustments to their usage and living habits to save energy.


Even with enhanced knowledge of energy consumption, there are advanced steps and issues that most homeowners still aren’t aware of. Professional and knowledgeable contractors, like our team at BelRed, dedicate much of our time to ensuring we’re up to date on the latest and greatest in energy saving tools, technology and tips. We pride ourselves in spreading that information along to you. If you want to learn more about how you can discover how much energy you are using, and ways to reduce it, don’t hesitate to contact us today.