Sierra Club Green Home has recognized BelRed Energy Solutions / BelRed Home Energy as a GreenCheck Approved Contractor. BelRed has received this distinction for making a legitimate and meaningful effort to offer products or services that are more sustainable than what is commonly available. In fact, BelRed has excelled in the following areas: indoor air quality impact, energy usage, water usage, material usage, waste, customer education, provider health, and provider business practices.

The GreenCheck review is an annual process for all providers, as new information and issues occur constantly within the environmental sector. Sierra Club Green Home wants to make sure that providers are keeping their promises to offer greener, safer, and more-responsible practices than what providers generally do. We are thrilled that GreenCheck has recognized BelRed’s dedication to providing sustainable products and services to our community, while actively striving to educate those around us about the necessary benefits of going green.