We often associate high monthly energy bills with the cold winter months when our heating systems are running constantly. However, this isn’t the only time of the year that we may have to sacrifice some higher costs for comfort in our homes. Energy bills can creep up during the hot summer months as well. There are many useful tips that can help with keeping energy costs manageable during summer. Here are a few:


Boost insulation. As we mentioned in a recent post, properly installed and maintained insulation can have a huge impact on how cool your house remains during the summer. Insulation, especially in hot areas such as attics, can block cool air from escaping and keep warm air out of the main living areas of your home. The better “thermal boundary” your home has, the easier it will be to maintain a high level of comfort for you and your family, regardless of outdoor temperature.


Close your shades. Anything that keeps the sun out of your house will result in an easier path to a cooler home. Your cooling system won’t have to work as hard if the hot summer sun isn’t beating in through your windows and bringing natural heat into the house along with it. Furthermore, if direct sunlight is an ongoing problem, you can try planting taller bushes and small leafy trees to provide more coverage for your house. This, too, will reduce the strain your cooling unit will have to undertake to maintain your home’s temperature.


Pay attention to your programmable thermostat. Even though most heating and cooling units have a programmable thermostat, quite often people tend to set them at one temperature and then ignore them. In the summer, programming the temperature to rise a few degrees automatically during the day when you are at work can result in big savings. According to some experts, setting the thermostat to increase just a few degrees each day while you’re not at home can save up to 30 percent annually on cooling costs.


Take to the grill. A regularly used oven can pump a lot of heat into your home when preparing meals inside during the summer months. This temporary heater can cause your cooling system to work much harder to bring the temperatures down in your home. Instead, try preparing more meals on the grill outside. This will keep cooking heat outside and away from your indoor living area. Grilled meals are not only delicious complements to summertime; they can be big energy savers as well!


Bring in the professionals. Without regular maintenance, the energy efficiency of cooling units can decrease greatly. By bringing in a professional to check to make sure everything is clean and in proper working order, you can rest assured that cooling your home is as efficient as possible. Professionals, like our crews at BelRed, can also perform full energy audits to ensure maximum efficiency when it comes to cooling your home.


With energy costs on the rise, summer is one of the most important times to realize savings if the proper steps are taken. Even during heat waves, simple savings techniques can make a big difference. Be sure to always monitor forecasts in the summer, as well. Sometimes being prepared for 90+ degree days before can save a ton of energy and make that heat much more bearable for you and your family. By conserving energy, you’ll also be doing a huge favor for the environment. If you think you’re wasting a lot of energy to keep your home cool, don’t hesitate to call us for help. It could save you big—both in the short term and over time.