Addendum – We had a problem with the system in November, about 6 months after install (it was a blower-motor controller); they had the problem fixed within two days after I called them; Cody M. made the repair (sorry, can’t remember the name of the person who diagnosed the repair), which was fully covered under the warranty, and now the system is up and running again! It ran great all summer, and saved us almost $100 per month in electricity during the hottest months compared to our old system. And our system (Lennox variable-speed) was so quiet! It really just sounded like a big fan. I’m looking forward to see how much it saves us during the winter. David was the salesperson, Fernando and Ray were the system (Heat-Pump/Furnace) installers, and Russ and Cody came in and zoned the system and then got it up and running. David spent 6 hours taking measurements, figuring out the size system I’d need, going over all of the options, pointed out the pros and cons of other estimates I’d obtained, and answering all of my questions. The system that Bel-Red replaced caused some issues for the new install, but the team took the time to figure out the solutions and to get the system going even though it took them longer than Bel-Red had budgeted for. Bel-Red gave me a competitive price for the new system, which replaces an old system that never worked properly (installed by another company when we built the house). I recommend Bel-Red, and this team, they did a great job!

Bryan S.