Go green and save green with a high-efficiency furnace. Unlike traditional models that only boast an 80% fuel efficiency, high-efficiency furnaces convert 90 to 95% of their fuel into heat. Using a variety of advanced technological features to ensure as little energy is wasted as possible, these models vary heat output and blower speed based on information from a thermostat  so your home’s temperature will precisely meet your speculations. Along with the increased comfort, benefits include:

  • More savings: The initial cost may be more expensive than other options, but a high-efficiency furnace is well worth the investment. You may see savings up to 30% on your utility bill.
  • Longer lasting: High-efficiency furnaces care for themselves thanks to built-in systems that withdraws moisture and protects against chemical build-up. As with any furnace, however, proper maintenance is key to ensuring longevity.
  • Better air flow: Technology only continues to improve, so you’ll get the advantage of variable speed motors and new filtration systems. Heat will be evenly distributed as any allergens or pollutants are removed from circulation.
  • A smaller environmental footprint: Wasting less fuel, high-efficiency models release less carbon dioxide and boast less of a drain on natural resources.

We offer both natural gas or propane options.

Beyond the initial savings you can see on your utility bills, you can often save even more with:

  • Federal tax credits
  • Utility rebate programs

High-efficiency furnaces from BelRed deliver savings, comfort and reliability, but they do require specialized venting and drains – aspects where BelRed excels. Contact us today to see if one of these money-saving units is right for you.