In the final post of this energy savings facts series, we’ve outlined a few more items that you may or may not already know about saving energy in your home. Even if you did already know these facts, they can serve as great reminders.


Enjoy these facts below and have fun saving energy!


Sealing your house can save you up to 10% a year in energy costs. Properly sealing your home can be one of the biggest ways to save energy and money each year. Most homes, especially if older, are not sealed. Doing manual checks or, better yet, having a home energy audit done in your home can pinpoint areas that aren’t sealed so you can get them taken care of immediately. Don’t let wasted energy and money leak out your doors and windows.


Leaky faucets can add up. A faucet that leaks one drop per second can result in almost 165 gallons of wasted water per month! That amount is equivalent to adding on the water the average person consumes every two weeks. That’s a lot of wasted H2O! Make sure your faucets are sealed to save that water and the heat wasted in the process.


Phantom power is a real issue. It’s been reported that up to 70% of the power used by consumer electronics is used when that unit is turned off. By unplugging your electronics and appliances that don’t require to be plugged in at all times, you can cut your electricity and overall energy bill by a lot.


Microwaves are extremely efficient (in general). A typical Energy Star microwave uses about 1/3 the energy of a conventional oven to produce the same amount of heat. If you have the option of heating food up with one or the other, a microwave is a better option than the oven. Not only more efficient, but more convenient!


The United States is home to just 5% of the world’s population, but it consumes more than 20% of the world’s energy. We can all do our parts to live a more energy efficient life—regardless of where we live. Again, being informed is the best place to start. At BelRed, we’re always happy to discuss how these facts (plus many, many more) can affect you and your loved ones. Everyone’s needs are different, but we take pride in bringing the highest level of energy efficiency to all of our customers. Thanks for reading!

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