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Viji R.

“Thank you Richard Saxton. You did a great job! Professional work and great customer service!”

Jerry K.

“Steve was great and save the day when we had an emergency due to a failed water tank which also caused a gas leak.”

Jennifer A.

“Scheduling was easy, people arrived on time, service was professional, knowledgeable and courteous.”

Vivian S.

“Jose S. was excellent at updating status and answering technical questions of the unit to be installed Lawrence B. was helpful in the installation process.”

John S.

“Steve and Trevor came to the house on time, quickly and professionally did the job.”

Sharon C.

“Trevor answered all my questions and did exactly what we asked.”

Kimmy G.

“Eric Sams was prompt, professional, friendly, informative and efficient.”

Patrick H.

“Excellent work and speedy service.”

Pat W.

“Richard did a superb job of explaining what was going on with our backed-up sink.”

Shawn B.

“Jose went above and beyond to address our issue and resolve it in a way that would prevent a need for a return visit.”

BelRed’s Legacy of Innovation

Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, BelRed has been providing high-quality service to customers since 1986. Begun as a small heating and air conditioning services business, we've grown into one of the largest HVAC companies in western Washington, and we credit our success to our decades of satisfied customers and HVAC products. Along with superior service, BelRed has always been at the forefront of HVAC offerings, and continues to offer new solutions to optimize comfort and efficiency.


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