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Christine J.

Superior Customer Service –Christine J.

Larry G.

Dustin H. Nick E., and Cody M. installed our new heat pump in a professional manner: All work was done as promised and onschedule. All three technicians deserve a 5 star rating. –Larry G.

Anderson P.

Russ H was here today and fixed a problem that I had with my A/C. I’ve had several people coming before and never had success but he took the time and his great knowledge and fixed my problem. I would love to thank him for that a million times! Jill Motaman –Anderson P.

Thomas K.

Ray B and Nick E did an excellent job installing our new furnace. I was also pleased with the service that I received from Jake the day before regarding the inspection of the heating system and recommendations for correcting the problems we were having. –Thomas K.

Earl G E.

Great experience from start to finish. Richard was able to provide several options for water heater replacement that includedreplacement, upgrade and enhancement options. Installation was quick and neatly done. You’d never have known someone just did a replacement and installation. I think the area was cleaner after he left than before he got there. –Earl…

Bryan S.

Addendum – We had a problem with the system in November, about 6 months after install (it was a blower-motor controller); they had the problem fixed within two days after I called them; Cody M. made the repair (sorry, can’t remember the name of the person who diagnosed the repair), which was fully covered under the…

Quel W.

Fast, smooth installation of a new furnace –Quel W.

Thomas M.

Great installation of my new Mitsubishi single zone heat pump! Jose and Tanner installed the mechanical system in exactly the right spot. Thanks guys! Electrical performed by Kyle went extremely well – especially with a late revision. Final checkout and system start-up/instruction by Russ completed my great experience. Looking forward to the cooling capacity this summer!…

Jacob A.

Ray and Mike did an excellent job installing our new furnace, worked quick did well and left a clean job site. –Jacob A.


Tracy J. and Ray B. provided good service on a furnace installation. They were prompt and professional. –MM

BelRed’s Legacy of Innovation

Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, BelRed has been providing high-quality service to customers since 1986. Begun as a small heating and air conditioning services business, we've grown into one of the largest HVAC companies in western Washington, and we credit our success to our decades of satisfied customers and HVAC products. Along with superior service, BelRed has always been at the forefront of HVAC offerings, and continues to offer new solutions to optimize comfort and efficiency.


Want to learn more about heating and cooling? We’ve got you covered.

  • Compatible Thermostats for “Smarter” Home Comfort

    New technology is growing at a record-breaking pace, and smart thermostats are no exception. BelRed Energy Solutions offers the latest and best innovation in home comfort thermostats to fit your heating and cooling needs. Some thermostats offer internet connections, which allows access to your home system and temperature preferences on a smartphone when you’re away. This…

  • Your Furnace Has A Lifespan; Prolong It!

    Do you know how many “miles” your heating system tracks in a year? Think of your furnace as a car. The heating system in your home averages around 2,000 hours of operation per year. If you compare that to a car traveling at 60 miles per hour, you would have traveled 120,000 miles! Would you have…

  • Avoid Duct-Lurkers: Cleaning and Mini-Split Options

    Have central air? Air duct cleaning can help make your HVAC system more efficient by keeping your heating and cooling coils, motors and air handling units debris-free. At BelRed Energy Solutions, our patented HEPA-Aire® duct cleaning service uses high powered air pressure and scrubbing brushes to loosen dirt and debris from inside your ducts, while…

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