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Get a precision tune-up.

Like any heating system, your boiler system needs annual maintenance to operate at peak safety and efficiency, and to save you energy use and money. And, when there’s an issue with your boiler, you need prompt, assured service – like you’ll get from Bel Red.

Boilers Repairs 

Bel Red addresses the common and not-so-common issues homeowners can experience with boilers:

  • From brands including these -
    • Raypak
    • Weil–McLain
    • Peerless
    • Lars
    • Burnham
    • Utica
    • Dunkirk
    • Lochnivar
  • Radiator repairs and installations
  • Zoning issues
  • Baseboard heating repairs and installation
  • Gas piping
  • Chimney liner remediation/relining

Boiler Maintenance Services

Our precision tune-ups include the following, and deliver valuable benefits:

  • Comprehensive 17-point inspection, including:
    • Burner cleaning
    • Leak inspection
    • Inspection of electrical connections
    • Inspection of controls
    • Check and adjust PRV / pressure check valve operation
  • Flue gas analysis and heat exchanger inspection to check for carbon monoxide
  • Proactive inspection to head off future issues before they become problems
  • Help prevent inconvenient breakdowns
  • Extend boiler life and increase efficiency
  • Uphold your manufacturer’s warranty

New Boilers and Boiler Replacement from Bel Red

If you have an existing boiler that is on its last legs, or are looking for a boiler system, Bel Red offers affordable, efficient, smart choices.

We offer boiler replacements for all makes and models. 

We also offer new boilers and expert installation. Boilers have remained a popular home heating choice for many years for good reasons. While gas furnaces rely on forced air and ductwork to disperse heat, boilers heat water and send the heated water or steam throughout your home through radiators or baseboards. There’s no need for ductwork and the loss of energy associated with duct problems is avoided.

Bel Red offers a variety of boilers from top manufacturers, all sized perfectly for your home and installed to deliver peak performance.

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