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Our house was built in June 2013 and had a new furnace and heat pump system installed.  In all this time, our furnace has never reliably switched to gas when the temperature dropped to the 30's.  We have had 3 companies make a total of 4 trips to our house, and nobody was able to correctly diagnose the problem.  They did tweak a few things, but the next time it got cold, the furnace still was not working right.
Very discouraged, we finally called your company and received a visit from Russ Hall.  He patiently listened to our tale of woe, then proceeded to troubleshoot various possible causes, ran various tests, and eventually zeroed in on significant issues which contributed to the problem we were having.  For example, he discovered that the wiring connected in the factory was done incorrectly, and an earlier "repair" was also wrong.  He put our minds at rest by testing our exhaust pipes and assured us they were working very well (everyone else had said they needed to be redone, and they had already been redone once).
It is very apparent that Russ's vast experience, knowledge and expertise enables him to understand how the various parts and systems of the furnace operate and he was able to detect the problem areas.  He was the first repairman to even look at the schematic for the furnace!  After fixing the various problems, he tested the system thoroughly.
What a great employee you have in Russ--a real jewel!  We are so appreciative of his help and won't hesitate to recommend your company to any of our friends.

-Dan & Carol Warren

"My wife and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the work performed by Richard in the installation of our kitchen appliances (sink, faucet and disposal) as well as new piping and refrigerator connection. He is a consummate professional and works to ensure total satisfaction.  While he was confronted with several unforeseen problems, he resolved all issues efficiently and quickly.  We are extremely satisfied with this work as well as all the previous work he has done for us."

- Ron & Lil Skinner


"Many thanks, and thanks to Brandon, whose efficiency and pleasant approach to our problem was appreciated. We have recommended BelRed to neighbors and will again."

- Larry and Carol M.

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