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Useful tips, calculators, videos and sites you can visit to learn more about energy conservation, government programs and tax breaks, our Facebook page and more.

Energy Calculators

Repair vs. Replace Calculator
Are you better off buying a new piece of equipment, or repairing the old one? This calculator takes into account key factors and allows you to enter data and view results to help you make an informed decision. 

Repair vs Replace Calculator

Furnace Savings Calculator
Thinking about a new furnace? How much can you save on energy costs? Enter the data and find out the answer here. 

Furnace Savings Calculator





  • DSIRE   Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Energy (DSIRE)
    DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  •    Consumer Energy Tax Incentives
    From the federal government, an explanation of what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act means to you and how you can benefit.
  •    Home Energy Yardstick
    If you have five minutes and your last 12 months of utility bills, use the Home Energy Yardstick to compare your home's energy use to similar homes across the country and see how your home measures up. Then, use the Home Energy Advisor to get recommendations for energy-saving home improvements for typical homes in our area.
  •    SafeScreened Certified
    A site that tells you more about the strict guidelines and testing our employees must adhere to in order to work for us. It’s one more way we deliver peace of mind to you.
  •    Our Facebook Page
    Get social with Bel Red! We invite you to “Like Us” and interact with us online.


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