As we’ve mentioned in many posts on this blog, the best way to have overall home performance tested and comfort, indoor health and efficiency problems identified is to have a quality contractor such as BelRed perform a comprehensive home energy audit. These assessments include many detailed tests that can get to the roots of problems in your home and provide smart solutions. We often get questioned on why we charge for this service if it will just result in suggestions for necessary work that cost more money to perform.


Our home energy assessment team takes great pride in the knowledge, expertise and caring nature they bring to these home performance audits. A great deal of time, tools and training are required to bring our customers high quality assessments and reports, which subsequently costs money for us to deliver. We charge for this service, not only because of what it costs us to provide it, but also because it is extremely valuable to you, the homeowner.


A comprehensive home energy audit is not only about identifying problems in the home, but also the development and design of solutions to these issues. It can be looked at as a complete design consultation for your home. This can illustrate a better picture for homeowners as to why we charge for these services.


In our industry, we’ve seen some contractors provide free audits. But don’t be fooled—these contractors are still charging for the assessments; they are just building the costs into the estimates they provide after, for the work that needs to be done. Everyone charges for these services, it’s just a matter of when that charge comes through and how it is presented to the customer. We feel being clear and open about the cost of a great home comfort and energy assessment up front provides a necessary layer of transparency for our customers. We don’t want anyone to feel like they are getting fooled or duped.


Once the home energy audit is completed, we also give part of the cost of the assessment as credit toward the recommended improvement work that results from the testing and reports (we don’t need to make a profit twice), so it really is a win-win situation.


Finally, we offer a money back satisfaction guarantee on these assessments, which is something not many contractors can say. We do this because of our confidence in our team’s knowledge, expertise and the improvements we can make in your indoor living environment, and on your utility bills. We’re confident we can add you to the list of our satisfied energy assessment customers if you reach out to our team.