We recently wrote on our home energy blog about the importance of certifications. The same considerations should be made when you are searching for a contactor to carry out HVAC work in your home. It’s critical for your safety, comfort and energy use that such work is done correctly and professionally, which is why finding a well-trained and certified contractor is a must.

The leading certification for HVAC technicians is the NATE (North American Technician Excellence) Certification. Fortunately for our customers, every BelRed Energy Solutions technician works toward becoming NATE-certified. In fact, over 80% of our technicians hold NATE certification, making BelRed a NATE Quality Circle Contractor.

So, why is this certification so important?

  • NATE-certified technicians bring peace of mind to any installation, service or repair of a homeowner’s heating, ventilation or air conditioning work.
  • NATE-certified technicians are skilled professionals who have proven their knowledge in the HVAC industry by passing specialized NATE certification tests.
  • These tests ensure the certified technicians have the knowledge and skill to help get the job right the first time – which is on every homeowner’s wish list when the time comes for HVAC work.

Just as you would trust the expertise of an ASE certified mechanic working on your automobile, an ATP (Accredited Tax Preparer) doing your taxes, or a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) managing your nest-egg, you can trust NATE certified HVAC technicians with the comfort, health and safety of your home when they work on your HVAC system.

NATE-certified technicians, like those here at BelRed, can help ensure lower utility bills through proper installation and maintenance of your HVAC system – not to mention faster and more efficient service. It’s been demonstrated that customers who choose NATE-certified contractors are very satisfied with the work that has been done. In fact, satisfaction rates are much higher than those of non-NATE-certified technicians.

BelRed Energy Solutions always invests in the training of our staff to ensure that we provide you with the expert service you expect. NATE certification is just one of the investments we make in our employees training. We feel the time and money we invest help us meet our goal of exceeding your expectations!

For more information on NATE certification, watch the video below.


Benefits of Hiring a NATE Certified Tech

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