In any service industry, it’s important that those providing the service are as knowledgeable as possible about the industry in which they work. In many cases, proof of this knowledge and education comes from certification programs in these service fields. Home auditing is no different. Professionals trained or certified by organizations such as BPI (Building Performance Institute) and Comfort Institute can ensure consumers are receiving the highest quality weatherization and home performance services when they are contracted. Fortunately, BelRed has Comfort Institute trained and BPI certified auditors on staff. We are also a Comfort Institute Member Company.


BPI professional certification in the home energy industry focuses on individual excellence. BPI certified auditors, like those we have on staff, are professionals who have gone through extensive amounts of training and have proven their skills through rigorous written and field testing environments. The Building Performance Institute has stringent, nationally recognized qualifications and standards that mean one thing for consumers hiring these professionals – high quality work without exception. BPI also offers ongoing training to certified professionals to ensure they are all up to date on the latest service technologies and techniques.


BPI certified auditors use a “house-as-a-system” approach to home energy audits. Unlike traditional energy audits, BPI certified auditors use this system to perform whole-home assessments to maximize the energy saving potential of each home they service. This is a big deal to us at BelRed because it provides a gateway to home energy work that’s done right – the first time. If the root of the problem is identified the first time through such an audit, energy efficiency can be enhanced for the long-term, while occupant comfort, health and safety are not just protected, but improved.


Another research, training and consumer protection organization that provides important certifications similar to BPI is the Comfort Institute. BelRed has Comfort Institute trained auditors on staff as well and, as we mentioned above, we are proud to be a Comfort Institute Member Company. The Comfort Institute provides training and support to a network of independent comfort contractors all across North America. These training programs help auditors and CI Member Companies identify and solve weatherization and home energy problems such as poor indoor air quality, hot and cold spots in the home, excessive dust, or excessive energy bills, among others. This training for our auditors also means these BelRed professionals will provide you with extremely high quality work.


We fully understand that having quality work done to a home is of the utmost importance for our customers. That’s why we make it a point to have these highly trained and certified professionals on staff. BelRed Energy Solutions always invests in the training of our staff to ensure that we provide you with the expert service you expect. We want to make sure your home is as energy efficient as possible so you can enjoy the many benefits of improved indoor air quality and lower energy bills. If you’re interested in receiving a home energy audit by our certified auditors here at BelRed, please feel free to reach out today.