The base load of your home is how much power you use to do nothing. It is the stand-by power used by electronics and appliances, the energy used to keep your refrigerator and freezer cold, keep the nigh-light in the hall turned on, etc.

I thought I was pretty good at conserving energy in my home. We have high-efficiency appliances, CFL bulbs, and of course a high-efficiency heating and cooling system. I’ve weatherstripped, sealed my duct work, insulated, etc.

After installing the ENVI Home Energy Monitor’s transmitter in my electrical panel, and setting up the remote monitor, I used the ENVI to test the power used by all of the big things I could find, and I found I really am pretty efficient about their use. But after 2 weeks of using the ENVI , the thing that has struck me is how much power my home uses when it’s not “doing” anything!

The entertainment systems, computers, cell phone chargers, night-lights, outdoor lighting, fish thank, etc., use around 800 watts of power at any given time. That can really add up!

I’ve begun thinking about what it is costing me to do “nothing”, and now I can take steps to fix the situation. Next step is to use Google Power Meter to compare my energy use to the people in my area, and see how my home stacks up. Using the ENVI Home Monitor from BelRed, you can do the same. Call BelRed today to have this powerful tool installed in your home.