As we endure the Northwest’s hottest months of the year, staying cool is a top priority. While the masses are busy making sure their AC units are summer-ready, we also strongly recommend taking a look at your furnace. Furnace maintenance may be the last thing on your mind during these sweltering summer months, but it’s actually the best time to prepare for colder seasons ahead.

Explore Your Options
You wouldn’t think so, but summer is the season to shop for furnaces. There are multiple steps to the furnace purchase and installation process, so if you need a new unit, summer shopping allows you plenty of time to choose from the many options available. Avoid the cold-weather rush and ask our heating professionals for advice on buying and installing the right system.

Keep it Clean
When winter hits, you’ll want your furnace to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. To ensure it does, it’s imperative that you change your air filter and clean your entire unit regularly. At the very least, the filter should be changed every six months, however, Energy Star recommends changing it every three. Layers of debris start to build up within the furnace and keep it from operating at optimal efficiency, so make sure to call a trained HVAC specialist to keep your system running smoothly and avoid any long-term damage.

Call the Professionals
Having an expert inspect your furnace for any loose connections or wires can identify any necessary repairs and address electrical or gas issues before they become potentially dangerous. While your furnace is off during the summer, it’s also a great time to add a carbon monoxide detector to your unit. This precaution monitors air quality and identifies issues caused by your furnace when it is eventually running and windows will be closed.

BelRed Energy Solutions is here to keep you comfortable year-round. We specialize in furnace maintenance, heating and cooling, and more. Whatever your HVAC needs may be, contact BelRed to learn how we can help.