With March upon us, the official start of Spring is just around the corner. That means homeowners can worry a little less about their heating needs for the remaining cold days of the year. Often times, this level of reduced worry is coupled with a sense of complacency when it comes to home energy and efficiency. The increased energy consumption of the hot summer days is still a distant thought for many. Perhaps it’s a good idea to think about this a bit differently this Spring.

Like many home improvement tasks, Spring is perhaps one of the best times to keep home energy and performance top of mind if you’re a homeowner. It’s a great time for maintenance, improvement projects and efficiency steps to help ensure your home is in tip top shape. The home energy “off season,” if there really is such a thing, is a perfect time to think about assessing the home energy qualities and performance of your home for a few different reasons.

First, as stated by the “off season” comment above, the break between the cold winter months and the warm summer days often means a break in the schedules of top contractors and home energy experts. Scheduling a comprehensive energy assessment may be easiest and most flexible during this time, meaning added convenience for you and your schedule. Home energy professionals have spent the last few months not only carrying out assessments, but also answering to calls of heating emergencies. Theoretically, these emergencies become few and far between as things start to warm up. However, waiting too long can mean the busy summer season will kick into full swing. This availability alone can make scheduling that home performance assessment simple and easier than ever.

Another big plus for home energy assessments and comprehensive audits in the Spring is the difference in temperature between the daytime and night. The high tech testing we do at BelRed during these assessments works best during these times of high temperature fluctuation from night to day. During the summer when nights are sometimes nearly was warm as the days can make good results from these tests difficult or even sometimes not possible. During the Spring we’re able to identify the biggest areas of heat loss in your home, which will also lead to keeping your cool air in during the upcoming summer.

By determining how your home can be most efficient during an offseason like Spring, you can have some time to make improvements prior to another heavy energy usage season like Summer. This preparation is key to being the best homeowner you can be.

If you’d like to explore the benefits of having your own Spring home performance assessment, contact us today at BelRed.

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