Making your furnace and duct system as efficient as possible can be a tricky proposition, especially if you have an older system. We wrote a while ago on the BelRed Home Energy blog about the benefits of sealing your ductwork properly and the positive impact it can have on your home’s overall performance.


Duct leaks are one of these biggest culprits of eating through energy and money when conditioned air leaks into attics, crawlspaces or into walls in the home. Because of the effects of air pressure, they can also allow dirty air from these spaces to move into the home. Duct sealing can solve these problems and provides real benefits for comfort, indoor air quality and energy savings.


In a recent episode of Ask This Old House, a homeowner and his family complained of poor indoor air quality (dust everywhere), a lack of consistent temperatures throughout the home, and, perhaps worst of all—high energy bills on a monthly basis. In this episode, which you can view at the bottom of this post, they discuss the common causes of this problem and walk through the best solution to this common problem.


The stars of the show, along with a featured guest contractor, perform a few tests that show the shocking truth about just how much several small air leaks can add up when talking about lost energy and conditioned air. In this case, many small leaks were equivalent to one huge hole in the homeowner’s ductwork. Traditionally, in order to fix this problem, contractors used to use a paint-like substance called mastic to coat the cracks and joints of the ductwork. The problem is, a large percentage of the ductwork in a typical home is hidden in walls, floors or ceilings, which aren’t accessible.


So, the crew took to using a smarter solution, and one that we at BelRed use quite often to improve the overall efficiency of home heating and cooling systems. Aeroseal, a ductwork sealant, actually works on the inside of all the ducts. Using a forced air fan and aerosol sealant, Aeroseal is pumped throughout the system and coats cracks and leaks from on the inside. It makes its way through the entire duct system to ensure essentially every seal, crack, joint or hole is closed up.


As you can see from the video below, the differences from before and after using this solution are quite dramatic. This particular homeowner, like so many that we’ve serviced using this technology, will now experience improved comfort, and see much lower energy bills after having this process done. Also, because the ductwork in troublesome dirty areas of the home is completely sealed, dust and dirt won’t get into the system and blow throughout the house. This will leave the homeowner and his family breathing clean, healthy air.


If you’re interested in seeing if Aeroseal can have the same benefits on your forced air heating and cooling system, don’t hesitate to reach out today!  To watch Aeroseal in action, you can visit this link and select scene 4. Enjoy!