This month, Angie’s List published an article discussing the shortages of skilled labor in many trades, which we wrote about last week here. According to Angie’s List article, hiring and retaining highly skilled workers in an industry like ours is becoming increasingly more difficult – something we’ve known for a long time.  With a new and growing emphasis on green energy and higher efficiency, we can only expect the importance of appropriate skilled labor training to grow along with this new industry boom.


In 2008, the U.S. Conference of Mayors released a report that finds the U.S. economy currently generates more than 750,000 green jobs, while over the next 30 years, an emphasis on clean energy could result in a five-fold increase, to more than 4.2 million jobs. Of the many sectors created in the green economy, Energy Efficiency (EE) is considered a major economic and employment driver—a dynamic sector rich in new jobs that is only likely to grow rapidly. As an energy efficiency expert, BelRed certainly sees itself as a big part of that growth in the Northwest region.


At BelRed, we recognize the growing need for green collar workers – which is why we’re currently hiring for a number of positions that require expertise in a wide range of energy efficiency functions. These current openings include HVAC technicians, installers and plumbers – which certainly fall under the “green-collar” umbrella given our commitment to energy efficiency. Also, while currently not on the list of openings, we fully expect to be hiring more energy auditors in the future. After all, interest in green issues and sustainability practices has boomed in the Puget Sound region within recent years, which will no doubt lead to greater demand for energy efficient homes.


As we mentioned in the previous “jobs” post, we are committed to finding and training employees who can help move our green energy commitment forward. Aside from the great training opportunities we provide, all of BelRed’s employees are guaranteed a steady workload, professional development, and a well-defined path that moves them beyond a job into a lifelong career. Employee care and training is one of the major reasons why we have been named as the Best Contractor to Work For in the Western US.


Are you interested in joining the Green-Collar Revolution? Contact us or apply for one of our openings today.