Snohomish County Public Utility Distrcit (PUD) offers a variety of rebates for high-efficiency heating systems for their electric heat customers to help them save money and the environment. Rebates are available for many qualifying energy-efficiency upgrades, including:

Professionally Installed Programmable Thermostats – $50

High-Efficiency Air Source Heat Pumps – $450

Energy Star Geothermal Heat Pumps – $1,500

While BelRed has chosen not to be a PUD registered contractor due to the onerous requirements of the program for the contractor and the homeowner, we will match any PUD rebate that you would have otherwise qualified for (may not be combined with any other incentives or discounts). For more details about these and other rebate programs, contact Bel-Red for a no-obligation consultation, or check out the PUD website at the link below:

Snohomish County PUD Heating Rebates