In the ongoing saga of smart grid technology and smart meter implementation, one group is stepping to the forefront when it comes to education. The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) recently released an educational website to inform homeowners and renters with detailed information about smart grid technology and its benefits. The site aims to provide an insightful look at the amount of energy individuals use on average and the amount of energy that could be saved by the implementation of smart meters across the board in specific areas.


As you know if you’ve been following along with the BelRed Home Energy Blog, smart grid technology has the ability to monitor energy usage by households and, when necessary, regulate the amount of energy being used by certain appliances for a specific period of time using smart meters. While members in the energy industry certainly understand the concept of smart meter technology and its benefits and/or drawbacks, the SGCC found through research that less than 50% of energy consumers have never even heard the term smart grid technology, let along understand its concept.


As a result of these findings, the site was developed as a way to explain the details and benefits of this technology to individuals in basic and understandable terms. The site is also accompanied by social media account sharing and distributing similar facts and information about the potential energy savings and other benefits of smart meters. The site shares a basic “101” of smart grids, a detailed and interactive e-learning center, success stories of areas and homes that have implemented smart meters, articles with related news and a resource and research center for those looking to dig more into the topic.


The graphically pleasing homepage of the site features an interactive screen that shares the potential energy savings of an across-the-board implementation of smart grid technology by comparing energy savings to different common energy uses. For example, one fact shared demonstrates that the amount of total energy saved if energy grids would be implemented in the entire U.S. equals enough energy to power Las Vegas for a year – 207 times over!  A similar comparison, on a more personal scale, states that energy savings from smart grid technology could run a standard refrigerator for 199 million years.


Another interesting component of the site breaks out information by the type of consumer that is visiting. Specific detail is set up for homeowners that fall into the following categories of desired information:


·      “I want to learn more” – general information on smart grid technology

·      “I care about the environment” – information and facts on how smart grid helps the environment

·      “I care about saving money” – information on cost savings brought by smart grids

·      “I want to be empowered” – information on the choices available to consumers when it comes to smart grid technology


If you’d like to learn more about smart meters and smart grid technology, this site is a great one-stop destination. As we’ve stated before, there are many ongoing debates about the benefits and concerns of the new technology. Educating yourself is the best way to make informed decisions and voice your opinion. For more, check out the video below on the benefits of smart grid technology: