As you may have seen in a post earlier this month on the BelRed Home Energy blog, the City of Seattle has implemented an energy savings program called the City Light Community Power Works Program. This program is an energy savings initiative designed to deliver energy efficiency solutions to Seattle’s residential and business communities, while working to create economic growth in the city through these savings and improvements. BelRed is proud to be an approved contractor for the CPW program.

There are a number of different aspects to the energy savings program implemented by the city, many of which have to do with heating usage and savings. In some cases, a replacement or upgrade of a heating system could result in thousands of dollars of savings if executed through this program. In fact, the average savings for overall utility rebates through Seattle City Light is $900. It also covers many different types of home heating systems – rebates for many of which are only available to Community Power Works participants.  The savings from this program will also go far beyond the initial costs of installations or upgrades, as heating and cooling savings will stretch over the lifetime of the new system.

Many homeowners have already taken part in this great program and have seen great results in terms of savings. They are gaining more than energy savings – they’re making their homes healthier, safer and more comfortable places to be. At the same time, they’re making a lasting contribution to their community, helping to build their local economy, and reducing their impact on the environment by taking part in this program. You can read a few testimonials of some past individuals who took part in the Community Power Works program by clicking here. You can also read more about these customers and other aspects of the program at the Community Power Works program blog.

Overall customer satisfaction is extremely high for the Seattle City Light program. In fact, 96% of participants would recommend the program to their friends. If you live in Seattle within the Community Power Works program area, you can contact BelRed to find out about taking part in this energy savings program. The time has never been better to upgrade your home energy systems and products.

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