In a new blog post series called BelRed Safety Essentials, we’ll dive into some best practices, safety products and other home safety related topics. Home safety is one of our top priorities here at BelRed and we’re excited to share some of our knowledge with you on the blog. If you have any questions about these or any other safety posts, don’t hesitate to reach out today to make sure we can help you and your family remain 100% safe in your home.


In the first safety essentials post, we’ll examine the benefits of duct-mounted smoke detection systems.


While it’s required by law to have smoke detectors on each floor and in certain levels of your home, it’s not always the case that these detectors are the only units in the home to keep you safe and ensure you’re warned at the impending danger of a fire. When it comes to house fires and related hazards, more people are injured or die from smoke inhalation than from fire every year. In a house with a duct system that shifts warm or cool air throughout the house, the risk for smoke inhalation can become much worse very quickly.


In the instance of a fire in such a home, extremely harmful fumes and smoke can quickly make their way to every far reaching corner of the home, greatly increasing the risk of inhalation for you and your loved ones. Smoke from even a small, contained fire can quickly consume a majority of the house.


Fortunately, there’s a way to protect from this duct danger—duct-mounted smoke detectors. These units are installed directly onto duct systems. Duct –mounted smoke detectors sample currents in the air handling equipment to determine if smoke or fumes are present. If smoke is detected, the device will close dampers, stop fans and blowers, and trigger an audible and visible signal at the fire control panel. The halted flow of harmful smoke and fumes can greatly decrease the risk of inhalation dangers prior to escape.


Furthermore, these systems can also be a way to greatly reduce smoke damage from a small fire since it keeps the smoke contained. Especially if you live in a larger home with a big duct system, it’s a good idea to keep your duct system from spreading smoke through your home in the event of a fire. A duct-mounted smoke detector can help you do just that.