Overall, the economy has been slowly recovering over the past few years, and consumer sentiment and actions have started to match that slow recovery. This is true in the home energy and HVAC industry as well. Many people have been weighing the options of simply making repairs to their heating and cooling systems and totally replacing their units. While each case is certainly different, we thought we’d provide some helpful tips in case you’re in the market for upgrading or repairing your HVAC system.

Think about the long-term. Even if you make repairs or have them done by a professional contractor, more problems can present themselves in the future—sometimes the very near future. Especially with old, unreliable units, repairs may be necessary much more often than you would like and repair costs may begin to pile up. It’s possible that soon after these initial repairs, more repair costs could amount to close to what it would have cost to replace the system originally.

Get educated. The power you have as an educated consumer can be great. Make sure you are doing your homework when it comes not only to deciding on repair vs. replace, but when preparing for this process. Whether repairing or replacing your heating and cooling unit, it’s extremely important that a knowledgeable, certified contractor, like BelRed Energy Solutions is carrying out the work for you. Also, be sure to make use of helpful tutorials, education materials, or articles when beginning to weigh your options regarding anything related to HVAC systems.

Keep your eyes peeled for deals. We’ve discussed government and utility programs that can help you save big bucks on replacing your HVAC unit on the blog in the past. By making your home more efficient, you can be rewarded financially. Also, there are many deals that contractors and manufacturers offer. Especially as holidays approach, there are many great deals on high efficiency furnaces and other heating and cooling units. Rebates and other incentives can help bring down the overall cost of full replacement and make it a very appealing option when compared to simply repairing your existing unit.

If you’re currently in the predicament of deciding whether to repair or replace your old HVAC unit, hopefully this post can help you out. We’re always open to discussing this topic and helping you make an informed decision. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in chatting with our team here at BelRed.

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