With summer approaching fast, it’s time to think about making these hot months the most comfortable they can be. Air conditioners can be a source of great relief in the summertime. Unfortunately, air conditioners can often be very noisy, especially older models.


These noises can be annoying and can even prevent us from being able to get things done around the house. Whether these units are our own or belong to a close neighbor, they can sometimes cause a loud motor hum that can creep its way through our home’s walls and windows and go straight to our heads.


There are some common problems that can cause loud air conditioning units. Fortunately, there are also some very viable solutions to limit this noise. First and foremost, proper AC unit maintenance and service is the number one way to get around loud noise from these systems. Especially in older units, just a small performance issue or problem can lead to noise. If you’re experiencing unusually loud noise coming from your air conditioner, it’s best to call in an expert right away. Full AC service by certified professionals can ensure everything is in proper working order.


These professionals can check fan motors, compressors and other moving parts within the unit to make sure everything is in good shape. These professionals will be able to pinpoint to root cause of the noise and provide a solution to the problem. They can also take things a step further when it comes to full air conditioning unit service and inject AC Renew into the refrigerant in the system. This product is a lubricant for the AC unit and helps reduce compressor noise. AC service, repair and maintenance isn’t just good for our ears, it’s also good for our wallets. Having an air conditioner working properly not only minimizes noise coming from the unit, it also maximizes its efficiency—regardless of the make or model.


If you’re experiencing loud noises when your air conditioning unit kicks on, reach out to schedule a maintenance appointment today. Our certified professionals make the best recommendations for your cooling situation and help your summer become a little quieter and more relaxing.