If you are one of the many who sees their home energy bill spike during the coldest or warmest times of the year, it’s likely that your home isn’t sealed to its fullest potential. Air leaks, commonly around doors, windows, crawlspaces, or other troublesome areas are a huge cause for energy loss for homeowners. So, what can you do about them? Fortunately, a lot.

Proper air sealing can reduce and even eliminate the leaky air that causes these problems. If you are a homeowner, especially if living in an older home, you may be all too familiar with the issue of air leaks. Sometimes, you can even feel the air escaping from the home under a door or near a window, or, worse, feel unconditioned air rushing into the home. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do or get help with to make sure air leaks aren’t a problem.

One major step that needs to be addressed before fixing air leaks in the home is identifying the actual source of those leaks, which can sometimes be a tricky proposition. The most effective way to ensure your house is protected against air leaks is to get the help of a professional contractor, like our team at BelRed. We can help provide a thorough inspection of all potential leak sites as part of a robust energy assessment. One major tactic we use to identify leaks is a blower door air leakage test. This includes a full depressurization of the house, which spots any areas where air is leaking into or out of your home. We can also help identify areas that may require more insulation to maximize indoor comfort, especially during the cold winter months ahead. Again, this is the best way to identify all air leaks and provide the best solution to address and eliminate this problem.

It’s also possible to identify bad leaks in some cases by yourself – either visually or by feel as we mentioned above. Some areas to pay special attention to include electrical outlets, switch plates, gas pipes and electric service entry points, the inside frames of windows and doors, baseboards, dryer vents, and more. Many cracks or holes that can be seen with the naked eye are most likely a large part of the problem when it comes to energy loss. These should be addressed immediately by weatherization solutions such as weatherstripping and calking, among others.

While some homeowners even go as far as building their own pressurization tests using things like incense sticks, we highly recommend getting professional help for this procedure. Without proper training, it’s very easy to miss the smaller (and often root) causes of the problem. Even if you’re able to identify some of the issues, it’s very possible that many leaks may go undetected without professional tests and services. Tests like the blower door test really show homeowners just how much conditioned air, and energy, they are losing.

If you know or are worried that air leaks are causing energy loss and discomfort in your home, spending a little bit of money to identify and fix the problem may save you a great deal in the long run. Give BelRed a call today and we can schedule an appointment to make sure your air leaks are history.

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