Colder weather is on our doorstep, which means it’s a perfect time to think about making sure your home heating systems are working properly and are at low risk of failing you when you need it most in the months ahead.

Our trained staff at BelRed can help make your home heating maintenance checklist a breeze.  We offer a comprehensive, detailed service list that will help ensure not only optimal functionality, but also efficiency of your home heating systems and equipment.

Here’s a list of services we provide when you purchase one of our Peace of Mind Heating Maintenance plans:

  • Replace Standard Air Filter
  • Test Thermostat Operation
  • Test & Inspect Unit Safety Switch
  • Clean & Tighten Electrical Connections As Needed
  • Test Flame Sensor (mA)
  • Test Capacitor #1
  • Measure & Record AMP Draw To Blower Motor / Nameplate (FLA)
  • Blower Motor Volts
  • Inspect Fan Bearings, Fan Blade and Blower Wheel
  • Inspect Blower Wheel counter balance & rotation
  • Record Total System Static Pressure
  • Test Inducer Fan Motor & Blower Assembly
  • Test Condensate Pump
  • Inspect Burner & Flue For Water, Corrosion & Blockage
  • Test Main Burner Ignition / Element Ohm and Amp Draw
  • Clean Burners As Needed
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger For Corrosion, Structural Problems & Erratic Flame
  • Inspect & Record OHM Reading On Hot Surface Igniter
  • Test & Inspect Inducer Fan Motor & Blower Assembly
  • Combustion Analysis Test
  • Inspect Visible Fuel Connections

Aside from heating maintenance, we also offer comprehensive Peace of Mind Maintenance Plans, including Cooling Maintenance Plans, Plumbing Maintenance Plans, Energy Star Recommended Maintenance Plans, and more!

Contact us today using this link to schedule your appointment and let the home maintenance begin!

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