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We often don’t think about cleaning our home drains, or plumbing in general, until it’s too late and a problem has arisen. That problem can be a simple little leak or slow drain, or it can be something much more serious. These serious plumbing issues can often cause big headaches and big repair or maintenance bills.


Fortunately, there are ways to help avoid the more serious problems when it comes to your home’s pipes and drains. Having your drains properly cleaned is certainly a home maintenance step that should be added to your list, especially if it hasn’t been done in some time. As mentioned above, many homeowners ignore, whether on purpose or not, drain and plumbing issues until it is too late and a big problem presents itself.


Unfortunately, many times clearing a sewer or drain clog means much more than buying drain cleaner from the hardware or grocery store. Some clogs can be bulky, stubborn and downright mean. In these cases, having a professional plumbing team come in and help is definitely the way to go. At Bel Red, we offer a $99 sewer and drain line cleaning service that clears up 95% of all drain and sewer line clogs. We offer this service on Kitchen drains bathroom sink drains, bathtub drains, shower drains, main lines, laundry drains, floor drains and clogged toilets.


Some additional details of our drain cleaning diagnostic are:


  •        6 month warranty on stoppage’s for the main line (if you have a stoppage on the same line within 6 months we will clear it one time at no charge)
  •        We will use all of our experience and give it 110% effort to clear the line; however some stoppages cannot be cleared with this method. If we cannot clear the line after a reasonable effort we will still need to collect payment for the attempt (as mentioned above, 95% of the lines can be cleared with this method)
  •        Camera inspection of main line available for additional charge of $129
  •        The $99 price is good for lines with an accessible cleanout outside of the home only.
  •        We can run our machines a maximum cable length of 100 ft.
  •        This price includes two passes through the sewer line (In & out the line twice).
  •        Sewer lines over 4” in size can be cleared at an additional cost.
  •        Any repairs that may be needed can be completed at an additional cost.
  •        Coupons not applicable towards these drain cleaning prices.
  •        The $99 deal is only intended for the main sewer line only.


This special is for residential properties only. If your home is in need of drain or sewer line cleaning, contact us today for this great special!

In the world of home performance, there is obviously a very wide range of products that residents can purchase and install to bring them more comfort in their homes and increase the homes’ overall efficiency. Unfortunately, the types of products aren’t the only factors that lead to the highest performance for your home.


In fact, the individual or team making the product installations can be the biggest difference in the level of performance increase in your home, especially when it comes to the heating and cooling world. According to a leading consumer publication, “In the end, it's the contractor who will make the biggest difference in how well the furnace replacement goes.” Even the best equipment, products or systems won’t perform well unless they are installed by professionals who pay attention to every last detail.


At Bel Red, our team certainly falls into this category. In fact, we go one step further than just saying so—we prove it. We offer guaranteed installation and services to ensure our customers are getting the best possible work that exceeds their expectations.


All of our technicians at Bel Red are NATE-certified, meaning they bring our customers unsurpassed installation excellence using the most up to date and most effective techniques and equipment. We always make sure you’re getting the correct system for your home, budget and other needs. Through comprehensive home performance audits and tests such as the “Manual J” Heat Load Analysis, we strive to make sure you’re receiving the best system for your home (and not trying to upsell you on something you don’t need). Thanks to our proprietary “Final Touch” Quality Audit, our job isn’t done until proper installation and operation is 100% certain.


Because of our 22-point quality checklist, which is performed on every installation, we are able to offer a Lifetime Quality Installation Guarantee, setting us apart from many other contractors. You can extend this peace of mind with our guarantee that all installation work done by Bel Red is 100% permitted, which ensures your system will meet all local codes, plus inspection by a third party.


These promises and guarantees behind our work are at the core of Bel Red’s operations. You don’t have to take our word for it—check out some of our customer testimonials on our website and see what some of our previous customers have to say. Contact us today if you’re ready to see these guarantees in action.

Posted by on in Green Economy

“Going Green” is a trend that has certainly swept the nation and is becoming a larger focus for many individuals all over. This is especially true with homeowners. Going green for these people not only means treating our planet and environment a little bit better, but also means saving energy and money while doing so.


At Bel Red, we’ve been serving customers’ green needs for quite some time. We take energy conservation and environmental impact very seriously, which is why we offer a wide variety of green solutions for your home in the form of products and services. Here are a few examples:


  •        High-efficiency furnaces - We sell and install the best furnaces on the market when it comes to efficiency and performance. Many of the furnaces we sell have an efficiency rating of 95% or higher, meaning you’ll cut down on consumption in a big way when upgrading.


  •        Ultra-efficient heat pumps – Our high-efficiency heat pumps move heat from one place to another using just a modest amount of electricity in the process, rather than using up a large amount of gas or electricity like other heating and cooling methods.


  •        Ductless heat pump systems - A study by local utilities including Puget Sound Energy (PSE), Snohomish County PUD and Seattle City Light found that, with proper sizing and installation, ductless heating and cooling systems can save homeowners 25% to 50% on their home utility costs and consumption. We even guarantee your first year projected energy savings or we’ll pay you the difference!


  •        Solar and tankless water heaters – A traditional tank water heater can be a huge energy hog in your home. Switching to the power of the sun with a solar water heater or a super efficient tankless water heater will provide hot water for your everyday needs in a snap and without drawing a ton of energy.


  •        Gas fireplace inserts – As we’ve mentioned on the blog previously, these gas fireplace inserts are a great alternative to other heating methods, especially wood-burning fireplaces. Not only are they extremely convenient, they also provide a safe, clean heating source that doesn’t hinder your home’s environment—inside or out.


  •        Programmable thermostats – Programmable thermostats are one of the best ways to manage your energy usage. You can easily manage temperatures and balance comfort vs. consumption easily. A few taps of the screen is all it takes to start going green in your home with these systems.


  •        Insulation – Like most of our other products, we make the highest efficiency insulation (with the best R-values on the market) available to our customers.


If you’re interested in going green, just head on over to our website and look for the “Green Solution” icon in our products and services section. Contact us directly for quick and direct answers to all of your questions regarding greening up your home today!

With summer approaching fast, it’s time to think about making these hot months the most comfortable they can be. Air conditioners can be a source of great relief in the summertime. Unfortunately, air conditioners can often be very noisy, especially older models.


These noises can be annoying and can even prevent us from being able to get things done around the house. Whether these units are our own or belong to a close neighbor, they can sometimes cause a loud motor hum that can creep its way through our home’s walls and windows and go straight to our heads.


There are some common problems that can cause loud air conditioning units. Fortunately, there are also some very viable solutions to limit this noise. First and foremost, proper AC unit maintenance and service is the number one way to get around loud noise from these systems. Especially in older units, just a small performance issue or problem can lead to noise. If you’re experiencing unusually loud noise coming from your air conditioner, it’s best to call in an expert right away. Full AC service by certified professionals can ensure everything is in proper working order.


These professionals can check fan motors, compressors and other moving parts within the unit to make sure everything is in good shape. These professionals will be able to pinpoint to root cause of the noise and provide a solution to the problem. They can also take things a step further when it comes to full air conditioning unit service and inject AC Renew into the refrigerant in the system. This product is a lubricant for the AC unit and helps reduce compressor noise. AC service, repair and maintenance isn’t just good for our ears, it’s also good for our wallets. Having an air conditioner working properly not only minimizes noise coming from the unit, it also maximizes its efficiency—regardless of the make or model.


If you’re experiencing loud noises when your air conditioning unit kicks on, reach out to schedule a maintenance appointment today. Our certified professionals make the best recommendations for your cooling situation and help your summer become a little quieter and more relaxing.

It has happened to all of us. Just when we seem to need it most, the lights begin to flicker and the power goes out from a storm or other mishap. Losing power cannot only be a nuisance, but can provide real struggles and even safety issues within the home.


Problems resulting from lost power certainly range in severity, as we all know. Food can begin to spoil in refrigerators or freezers. Cell phones can begin to lose their power without the ability to charge. Furnaces can’t heat the home. Medical equipment requiring electricity won’t function as it is intended. Hot water for cooking, cleaning or showering/bathing isn’t an option. At night, dark houses become dangerous to navigate, especially for elderly individuals. The list goes on and on.


Depending where we live, the type of home in which we live and the types of equipment and systems in our home, these issues can be very, very bad for some when the lights go out.


Luckily, there are great solutions to help you avoid these problems associated with losing power. Standby generators can be great systems in times of need. Whether you just need to power a few essentials or don’t want to skip a beat with any powered unit or appliance, we have generator solutions that are right for you.


So what are the benefits? Simply put – there are a lot. Standby generators provide extremely fast backup power without having to deal with the struggles of gas-powered generators, such as filling them constantly with gas and struggling to pull-start them. Standby generators turn on automatically or with a flip of a switch. Standby generators are also not nearly as noisy as portable units, which is a major nuisance for many when the power goes out.


Standby generators offered and installed by Bel Red can run on either natural gas or propane, based on the availability at your home. They come in a wide range of performance models and sizes, so we’re confident in saying that we offer one that will meet the exact needs and specifications of your home.


If you’re interested in exploring installation of a new standby generator, don’t hesitate to reach out. We not only offer purchase and installation, but maintenance of your new standby generator. No matter what, when you work with Bel Red you won’t be left in the dark.