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Posted by on in Home Energy

There are many things on peoples’ “to-do” lists this time of year when it comes to increasing the performance of their homes for the colder months ahead. They want to save money, reduce energy consumption and ensure a comfortable house.

Here at Bel Red, we can make informed, personalized decisions when it comes to proper insulation in your home. For the purposes of this two part blog post series, we’ve given you some insight and tips on where to start when thinking about insulation upgrades or first-time installs. Below, you’ll find part 1 of the series.

Start with the R-value. The R-value listed on the packaging of insulation is its thermal resistance measurement. This rating could and should have a significant impact on your selection process. Certain insulation with a high R-value, such as spray foam, can allow you to get more insulation with less overall thickness. This can be extremely valuable for external walls or cathedral ceilings, for example.

Insulate all appropriate areas of the home. Knowing where your house loses the most energy is important knowledge to have prior to any insulation home improvement project. Ensuring proper insulation in all appropriate areas of your home can lead to huge energy savings and comfort. Attics, basements, walls, floors and crawlspaces should all have good insulation. A professional home energy assessment is a great way determine your home’s individual needs.

Be prepared to clean up old, existing insulation. While sometimes simply adding more insulation to an area can increase the overall r-value and performance of your home, sometimes removing old insulation is the best place to start. Over time, insulation can break down, rip or become displaced—especially if other work has been done in that area. This can compromise the performance of that area. Starting with a clean slate and having the insulation installed correctly can be extremely beneficial.

Insulation can bring a huge amount of value to your home’s overall energy efficiency. This is especially true now, as there are many incentive and rebate programs in our area that can bring a great deal of savings to this type of project and provide short-term and long-term benefits to you and your home. Organizations such as Snohomish County Public Utility District, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and Community Power Works are offering big rebates for insulation projects.

Call Bel Red today to find out about current incentive programs and a specialized plan for your home insulation needs.

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Let’s face it--ductwork is tricky thing when it comes to cleanliness and safety. It’s typically hidden behind walls, in the floors or ceilings or in hard to reach places such as attics or crawl spaces.  However, keeping ducts clean can be one of the most important steps toward a fresh, comfortable and efficient home.

While many offer duct cleaning services, not all of these services are created equally. Here at Bel Red, we understand the importance or clean ducts. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure our cleaning services will provide the best results guaranteed. Here are a few of the highlights of our duct cleaning difference:

  • We’ll get all the dirt and debris—even the tough stuff. Our patented HEPA-Aire® system uses high powered air pressure and scrubbing brushes* to loosen dirt and debris from inside your ducts, while a high-powered vacuum pulls pollutants into HEPA filtered bags, ensuring these pollutants do not re-enter your home.
  • We get right to the source. We go the extra step to visually inspect exposed ductwork for leaks that may be causing dirt to build up in your duct system. If problems are found, you’ll be provided with options to determine how significant they are and help you resolve them so you don’t face the same problems in the future.
  • We give you fair, straight-forward pricing before we start. No surprises. There are no surprises or hidden fees for our services. Our quoted prices are based on the number of vents or registers in your home, and the location of your comfort system. They include everything necessary to properly clean your duct system. While we offer other similar or complementary services, you’ll never be faced with an aggressively upsell or pitch from our team.

We treat each home we work on like it’s one of our own. From wearing shoe covers while doing the work to sealing every register in the home before starting, we ensure the duct cleaning process is clean all-around.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bel Red duct cleaning services and what sets us apart, contact us today.

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Here at Bel Red, we’re preparing for the winter months ahead, getting our customers ready as well. We’re committed to providing the most knowledgeable advice and the most professional, courteous and fair work for all of their heating, cooling and energy needs.

We’re excited to be able to offer up some very special (and exclusive!) deals for our customers through our Internet Specials. Below is a brief overview of the current specials. Call us today to learn how you can take advantage and prepare yourself and your loved ones for a more comfortable winter.

Pre-Season Special Event Pricing on Rheem 95% high efficiency furnaces! Get a variable speed high efficiency gas furnace for only $4799 installed (Regular $5800). Get a single stage high efficiency gas furnace for only $3499 installed (Regular $4999). Please note, we only have a limited quantity on hand, so call us today or stop down to take advantage of this limited time offer. Click here for details.

Buy a heat pump or air conditioning at regular price and receive a basic furnace replacement for free! Based on a Single-stage, Goodman, like & kind, replacement of the existing furnace. This offer excludes items such as venting, ductwork, electrical and permits. Consumers preferring to upgrade their furnaces may also opt to pay the difference between the offer's basic furnace and their preferred furnace (such as variable speed). Contact a Bel Red sales consultant for full terms and conditions.

Great deals on Daikin High Efficiency Ductless (single zone) heat pumps! You can save between $1,200 and $3,500 on these great heating systems (limited quantities available). There is also an additional $1,200 rebate through PSE on approved systems. These are great for rooms that are generally too hot or too cold and need their own temperature control, and are also great on additions!

Get a Honeywell Lyric Thermostat for your home for only $399 (normally $672) with a Bel Red furnace maintenance. The Lyric thermostat is ideal if you are on the go and want optimal comfort and savings without having to think about it. Instead of operating on a fixed schedule, Lyric uses your smartphone location and can automatically adjust the temperature as you come and go – delivering comfort when you're home and savings when you're away.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of these and other great offers, just get in touch with our team today and mention these great internet specials. Thanks for allowing us to serve you this winter season!

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Sometimes there aren’t a lot of alternative heating and cooling sources out there for consumers… or so they think. One of these options, ductless mini-split heating systems, are starting to rise to the top of the list of alternatives. Many are starting to realize the benefits of these systems—ranging from increased control over home comfort to increased efficiency. Installation of mini-split models, such as those manufactured by Mitsubishi (which Bel Red sells and installs), are a great step toward increasing the overall levels of comfort in your home—regardless of the season.

Here are a few benefits that the installation of a ductless mini-split system can bring to your home as it pertains to home comfort:

• Targeted heating and cooling for hard to reach places in your home. An ultra-quiet fan evenly circulates air, eliminating hot and cold spots in rooms and improving the comfort of your main living spaces. Homes often have “trouble rooms” when it comes to heating and cooling. Additions, sunrooms, bonus rooms or loft spaces often present many challenges when it comes to keeping them at a desired and comfortable temperature. Whether through inefficiency or poor design, duct-based heating systems or electric baseboard heating can sometimes fail when it comes to proper, whole-house comfort. Mini-splits heat pumps are adjustable by area of the home or room, so temperature management becomes a breeze.

• A near silent comfort. Ductless mini-split heat pumps not only increase the temperature control you have in your home, they also eliminate the loud noises that are sometimes associated with old furnaces and other heating systems. These systems work extremely quietly, which adds to the level of comfort you experience when heating or cooling the home. The Mitsubishi ductless mini-split models that Bel Red sells and installs have virtually no compressor or fan noise.

• Cleaner air means a healthier, more comfortable home. Most mini-split heat pump models come with multi-stage allergen filtration mechanisms, making them a very clean alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. With other duct systems, many homeowners neglect to clean the ductwork, causes dust, dirt and allergens to build up inside over time. This obviously causes dirty or unhealthy air to be pushed out into the home, potentially causing respiratory issues for individuals in the home. Mini-splits with filtration offer a clean air alternative, increasing comfort in more ways than just managing temperature.

Bel Red Energy Solutions is a Mitsubishi Top Contractor, having received the highest level of accreditation from Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Division. We have invested our time in hands-on training at a Mitsubishi Training Center in order to provide you with the most professional quality installation and maintenance for your Mitsubishi HVAC product.

Reach out today if you’re interested in learning more from our team here at Bel Red about how ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems can bring you added comfort and efficiency.

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Posted by on in Heating

Electric generators can be saviors during power outages—especially when things start to cool down outside like they are right now and into the winter. They can keep the heat and lights on, keep food from going bad, provide a sense of comfort and ease and so much more. However, it’s important to know that the operation of these units shouldn’t be handled by anyone who doesn’t know the proper safety precautions that go along with running a generator.

In one of our recent blog posts, we mentioned the importance of making sure your backup electric generator is in proper working order before the cold winter months arrive. This preparation should include many safety items to cross of the list as well.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety commission, electric generators are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to non-fire related CO (carbon monoxide) deaths and injuries in homes and apartments. Some studies even suggest that these units cause more CO related harm than furnaces, water heaters and ovens combined.

There’s a long list of items that owners of electric generators should keep in mind before, during and after using this equipment—all of which should be carefully read and understood from the generator’s owner’s manual. But, we thought we’d share a few tips on the blog to keep in mind on this topic.

  • Keep electric generators a safe distance away from your house. Generators should always be kept outside at least 20 feet from any space in which people live or spend a lot of time. This safe distance prevents inhalation of this harmful, odorless gas and can prevent other accidents associated with generators.
  • Never place a running generator inside an enclosed space. While it may seem like common sense to avoid, many electric generator owners leave this equipment in enclosed areas such as garages and sheds while running. Even if doors are open in these enclosures, CO from the generators can build up quickly air and cause a great deal of harm, or worse.
  • Make sure your CO detector is on and working. Whenever you find yourself in need of an electric generator, it’s a good idea to make it a habit to test your home’s carbon monoxide detectors before use. Even if you’re sure it’s in proper working order, a simple double-check test can’t hurt.
  • Hire a professional electrician or contractor to install it correctly. Professionals, such as our team at Bel Red, have a high level of training when it comes to these types of home safety issues. Aside from risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, electric generator installation comes with risks of electrocution. Make sure your generator is properly installed if it’s hooked up to a permanent power source for your home.

We hope you’re able to avoid major power outages, but unfortunately that’s next to impossible over a long period of time. It’s always good to be prepared with equipment like electric generators. It’s even better to make sure you’re properly prepared to use them.

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