Labor Day weekend is fast approaching. With it, as always, means closing the door on summer and looking ahead to the cooler temperatures and falling leaves of Autumn. Like any other season, Fall brings with it a unique set of challenges and reminders for home performance and home energy.

As the Labor Day weekend approaches, we thought we’d develop a blog series with ways that you can ensure you’re saving the most energy possible as we move into cooler temperatures this fall.

As always, we highly recommend contacting a knowledgeable professional to perform a home energy assessment to pinpoint the exact areas of improvement in your home to maximize your dollars when it comes to saving energy and improving your home. Here are some tips that you can follow on your own to help:

  • Find and seal air leaks and cracks. Now, while it’s still warm, is the perfect time to seek out and seal those energy sucking air leaks and cracks around your doors, windows and other troublesome places. By sealing these areas with caulk or weatherstripping now, you’ll be reducing or eliminating the drag they have on your home’s energy use when the heat gets turned on in the coming days and months.
  • Clean the refrigerator. While it may sound strange, a poorly functioning refrigerator can eat up a great deal of energy, bringing down the overall efficiency of your home. By checking and cleaning the coils and ensuring proper temperature inside the refrigerator at least once a year (fall is the perfect time), you’ll increase the efficiency of this energy hog of an appliance.
  • Seal your windows with plastic. Window insulation kits are inexpensive (and ideally short-term) solutions to drafty or leaky windows as temperatures begin to drop. This is a relatively simple installation process and can help your home keep heat in and cold out. If you want to take the next step to energy savings greatness, explore installation of Indow Windows—they can save you BIG!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY blog post series in honor of Labor Day with home efficiency tips for the fall. Again, to ensure you’re making all the right moves to minimize your home’s energy usage, contact BelRed today for a comprehensive home energy assessment.

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