Flexible ductwork has long been a topic of conversation and debate within the home energy industry. Many consumers decide to have flexible ductwork installed due to its lower price. Unfortunately, installations of this flexible duct material are quite often done poorly, leaving many potential problems.


Especially in larger systems, all metal ducts can be extremely expensive. Many associate costs savings with the installation of flexible ductwork as well. Unfortunately, these quick installations are often the root of the problems with flex ducts. In the long run, spending a little more during installation to have it done right can save a lot more money than the cost savings of a quick installation or poor maintenance.


At BelRed, we always assess ductwork as part of our comprehensive home performance assessments, which many times means examining this flexible type of ductwork. One common problem we often see in this area is that the flexible ductwork is too long or has too much of a sag. This can not only have a very negative effect on the performance and efficiency of the system, it can cause indoor air quality and comfort issues. Sags in the flex ducts can lead to poor or blocked airflow and result in a lot of wasted energy.


Problems like these that can arise (not just with flexible ductwork) as a result of a lack of knowledge of or care for proper installation underlines the importance of working with a trusted, reputable contractor. When we see these issues during a BelRed home performance assessment, we have staff who have all been specifically trained to deal with these types of flexible ductwork problems. We have a comprehensive training tool that all energy auditors and installers complete prior to dealing with ductwork. There are many important steps to installing and repairing this type of duct, which is why we stress the importance of this knowledge to all of our employees.


When installed and maintained properly, flexible ductwork can be an effective and cost-efficient complement to the metal ductwork in a home. If you have flexible ductwork in your home and you have noticed a problem in the past, please reach out and let us help. You may be throwing away more energy and money than you know. It’s possible that fixing this problem could also greatly improve your comfort of living inside your home as well, not to mention improve the quality of air. We offer thorough duct renovation and repair as part of our home energy services and we ensure that all ductwork is properly sized and installed for your specific home to ensure proper operation for life.