Homeowners everywhere want to be saving as much money as possible. Whether they are in old homes or just building new, they want to know the energy improvements they make increase the overall efficiency of their homes. While some efficiency trouble areas can easily be identified by the homeowner, like drafty doors and windows or faulty insulation, the best identification for areas of improvement is done during a home energy audit.

So, is a home energy audit right for you? Let’s explore that question a little bit by examining the benefits of having a professional home energy assessment. During a home energy audit, a professional will examine your home room by room, identifying potential energy pitfalls in your home. They can also study previous energy bills to recognize patterns over time to help them discover problems or potential issues.


During the audit, the professional contractor will run many tests to identify these issues in each particular home. One of these tests is called the blower door test, which pulls all the inside air out of the home using industrial fans. Due to the lowered inside air pressure, air from the outside is pulled in through cracks and leaks to fill the inside of the house. This pressured air entry allows the audit professional to easily identify where the trouble spots are in the house. Thermographic inspections are also sometimes performed, during which infrared cameras are used to identify areas where heat is flowing or escaping from the home.


Audits also consist of other tests and assessments such as insulation identification tests, which ensure proper insulation is being used. Door and window inspections, furnace inspections and much more can be performed during comprehensive home energy assessments. Not only will potential problems be flagged during these tests, solutions will be presented and mapped out so you know exactly how to proceed with fixing them. A qualified professional will give you the proper steps to spending your money in the wisest way possible—which means effectively reducing the amount of energy your home is using and, ultimately, the amount of money you are spending on a monthly basis.


While there is a cost to having the audit completed, that cost can certainly be minimal compared to the potential savings of the identified improvements that can be made. In some areas, utility companies even offer incentives to cover part of the cost of a full home energy audit. At BelRed, we offer comprehensive home energy audits. Contact us today to schedule yours.