In the past, we’ve talked a great deal on the blog about how valuable a home energy assessment done by a professional contactor can be. Not only can it identify problems or areas of improvement that need to be addressed in order to maximize your home’s efficiency, but it can also ensure your home is a safe environment in which to live.

At BelRed, our certified auditors will inspect and scientifically test your home during a home energy assessment. We will provide you with the facts about what is causing these problems, and identify permanent solutions to make your home clean, safe, and comfortable–all while minimizing the cost you’re paying on your monthly energy bills. While many consumers know the basic overview of what a home energy assessment entails, we thought it might be a good idea to go into some detail about the different steps taken during one of these thorough evaluations.

We offer both standard and premier assessments for the home. With a standard home energy assessment, we provide very useful comfort, health, safety and home efficiency testing and recommendations, including an air leakage evaluation, infrared thermal imaging diagnostics, a thorough insulation inspection, an airflow diagnosis, a gas leak check, and a safety inspection of your home’s equipment and mechanical systems. Once these evaluations and tests are completed, we develop a detailed and personalized improvement plan and provide discounts to necessary upgrades if done within 90 days of the assessment. We also back our assessment with a 100% guarantee.

Our premier home energy assessment includes everything within the standard assessment, with a few additional and extremely valuable tests. These additional evaluations include an AirAdvice® indoor air quality analysis, comprehensive equipment performance and safety testing, and a heat load calculation to confirm your home is using the appropriate size heating and cooling system for its size and environment.

The Green Dream Group just released a great video regarding the process, value and overall benefits of a comprehensive home performance assessment and evaluation. You can watch the video below to get some great insights into what would actually occur when you contract a qualified professional to do this work in your home. The video runs through multiple tests that happen during these assessments and also provides some extremely helpful tips, such as searching for certifications like BPI accreditation.

Please enjoy the video below and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in talking about a comprehensive home performance and energy assessment.