When the heat exchangers failed on their existing furnace, the Heywoods in Woodinville, WA were left with a dangerous situation that could introduce deadly carbon monoxide into their home. Faced with a choice of repairing the old furnace, or upgrading to a more comfortable and more energy efficient system, they chose to upgrade. The Heywoods selected a hybrid heating and cooling system featuring a York modulating gas furnace and heat pump. They also chose to proactively replace their aging water heater at the same time – receiving a better value by doing it all at once.

With its space-saving design, the compact size of the York system made it the perfect choice to install in the small mechanical closet in their home. The old system was removed, and all of the duct plenums were rebuilt and sealed to ensure the Heywoods receive the comfort and efficiency they paid for. The heat pump was installed on a new composite base, and secured with earthquake rods into the ground. Drain lines were installed, with a pump to carry condensation out of the home during summer cooling cycles. We even went the extra mile, and enclosed the open frame walls of the closet to reduce infiltration of unconditioned air into the home!

York modulating gas furnace and heat pump coil

The heat pump will provide the primary source of heating for the home in the winter, and will keep their home cool and comfortable all summer long. Instead of burning fuel to create heat, it uses electricity to move heat in or out of the home to provide high-efficiency heating and cooling. The furnace will provide heat on colder days, and with it’s modulating gas valve producing only as much heat as their home needs, will deliver better comfort and efficiency. The system’s variable speed fan will gently circulate air for more even temperatures throughout the home, and will also improve the effectiveness of their new Trane CleanEffects whole house air cleaner, the most efficient whole-home air cleaner in the world. The Heywoods now have the perfect system to keep their home comfortable, clean their indoor air, and reduce their energy bills!

York XL Heat Pump

Finally, their old water heater was removed. A new, metal stand was installed. The installation was also brought up to code with heavy-duty earthquake strapping, and a properly sized and pressurized expansion tank. New stainless-steel water lines and brass fittings were installed, and the home’s water pressure was adjusted to ensure reliable hot water, and proper water pressure.

State gas water heater

Congratulations to Lyle Gardner and Braxton Tacbian, our installation of the week winners for the week of 8/30/12, for the excellent work they did at the Heywood residence!