Do you get to the sink or shower, and have to let the cold water run until it gets hot; All of that cold water running down the drain during the wait? There is an easy solution that will help you save that water, and your time – A recirculating pump!

Recirculating pumps provide significant benefits including significantly shortened wait times for hot water, and increased water efficiency. These pumps eliminate the need to run the water until it gets hot by circulating hot water to the furtherst outlet in your home, “priming” your hot water system, and dramatically shortening wait times.

These pumps are equipped with a timer to minimize energy used for water heating when hot water is unnecessary (such as when you are at work or sleeping). Properly insulating hot water lines can also help to reduce energy loss. In addition, the water savings typically offset any increase in energy use.

Recirculating pumps work with most hot water tanks, and can be quickly and reliably installed by a licensed plumber. To see if one of these pumps are right for you and your home, contact BelRed today, or click to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers.