Perhaps you are one of the many homeowners who knows your house is losing energy and isn’t as efficient or comfortable as it could be. But, how do you identify the cause of this problem? A great number of homeowners are faced with this problem every day. As we’ve mentioned on this blog before, a comprehensive home energy audit is the place to start. It can help pinpoint the exact root causes of your energy usage and efficiency woes.

The primary method used to identify energy problems within your home is the Blower Door Test. As part of the full home energy assessment, a qualified contractor like BelRed can use this Blower Door tool to effectively identify how much air is flowing in or out of your home. The airtightness of your home is sometimes a big key (or culprit) to overall energy loss. Whether cold air is getting in during the winter months or escaping during summer months, air leaks can be a costly burden for homeowners looking to maximize efficiency in their home.

The basic operation of the Blow Door tool is fairly simple to understand. The contractor carrying out the testing places and seals a powerful fan in a doorway, creating a pressure difference between the indoors and outdoors of the home, usually by depressurizing the house. All the air that the fan blows out of the house is replaced by air coming in through all the leaks. The amount of air leakage (which equates to energy loss) is measured by how much air blows through the fan.

This process also allows trained contractors to easily identify where leaks are coming from in each room of the house. In some cases, these leaks are strong enough to even be identified by the hand. In other cases, smoke tools and other devices like infrared cameras are used to identify these leaks. This type of diagnosis allows the contractor and homeowner to identify the biggest root causes of their air leak problems.

While small leaks may not seem like a big deal, they can also add up to a huge amount of energy loss in the home. Knowing where and how to fix these leaks is key to maximizing your home’s efficiency and comfort. If you’re interested in having a full energy assessment done, complete with a Blower Door test, don’t hesitate to contact us at BelRed today.

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