It’s a reality that there are a number of things that can go wrong in our homes that can jeopardize our safety and comfort. Fortunately, there are also things we can do to ensure our homes provide us with safe and comfortable environments. At BelRed, we pride ourselves on identifying and recommending the most important of these steps to all of our customers. To help a bit more, we thought it would be a good idea to write about a few suggestions we have to be proactive about comfort and safety problems in your home.

· Install an electrical surge protector. Electrical surge protectors can ensure your comfort (heating and cooling) system, appliances and other valuable electronics don’t get harmed during a power surge, spike or brownout. Depending on your needs, you can choose from whole-house or in-line surge arrestors. Both are very effective at preventing damage to your home’s precious systems and equipment.

· Use a programmable thermostat. Near the top of the “comfort essentials” list in any type of home, you’ll likely see programmable thermostats. These devices can make keeping your home at peak comfort level year round a breeze. There are many models available today that meet the needs of any homeowners looking to increase comfort in their homes. As another (huge) bonus, programmable thermostats can save the average homeowner up to 33% in annual heating and cooling costs. That’s comfort for your home and your wallet.

· Check to see if your appliances have water damage protection devices. Condensing appliances, such as air conditioners or heat pumps, can sometimes cause damage if they develop a leak. Water sensors and automatic shut-off devices on these important appliances and systems can help avoid these problems. Being proactive and having these installed can help minimize damage and keep these home comfort systems running smoothly.

· Install an automatic earthquake shut-off valve. In the event of an earthquake, homes can realize damage and safety concerns beyond foundation or structural damage or disturbance. Gas leaks and fire damage can also occur. Fortunately, there are automatic earthquake gas shutoff valves that will prevent dangerous gases leaking into your home as a result of an earthquake.

· Upgrade to duct-mounted smoke detectors. It’s common knowledge to have wall-mounted smoke detectors on all floors of the home. However, also installing duct-mounted smoke detectors can further protect you and your loved ones from spreading smoke in the event of a fire in your home. More people are injured or die from smoke inhalation than from fire each year. A duct-mounted smoke detector can help make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

· Switch to a low-level carbon monoxide detector. Similar to lower-quality smoke detectors, many homeowners only have standard carbon monoxide detectors. Much of this colorless, odorless gas may not get detected by these models. Low-level carbon monoxide detectors will alert you of dangerous gas in your home’s air, even if it’s just extremely low levels. We recently wrote a detailed post on low-level CO detectors, which you can read here.

Ensuring the comfort and safety of our customers is the number one priority for our team here at BelRed. The list above includes just a few tips that every homeowner can keep in mind when it comes to maximizing the comfort and safety of their homes and families. If you think you and your loved ones may be at risk of safety or comfort issues, don’t hesitate to enlist our help. We can provide a comprehensive audit of your home and make sure it’s comfortable and safe for years to come.

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