Congratulations to Lyle Gardner and Braxton Tacbian, BelRed Energy Solution’s  Installation of the Week winners for the week of March 26th. Lyle and Braxton installed a Trane XV95 high efficiency furnace with a high efficiency Honeywell air filter at the Longo residence in Issaquah, WA.

The Longo’s existing furnace was an older Payne furnace, which did not operate efficiently, and required multiple repairs. As the Heat Pump (the primary heat source in the winter, which also provides AC in the summer) was added in 2009, the homeowner wanted to keep that system in place. They also had concerns about indoor air quality.

The Longo’s chose a new Trane XV95 high efficiency, variable speed furnace. This furnace provides excellent energy efficiency with a 95% fuel efficiency rating, and a variable speed blower motor that uses less electricity. This blower also allows air to be circulated continuously to provide more even temperatures throughout the home. With the addition of the high-efficiency Honeywell Media Filter, it will also enhance indoor air quality with improved filtration. This furnace also provides improved comfort with two stages of heating, to allow the system to more closely match heat output to the actual needs of the home.

Trane XV95 Furnace

New PVC venting and drains were installed for the furnace, as required. With the furnace now using a separate vent from the water heater, the venting for the water heater was modified and re-routed to ensure proper drafting and access to the new filter. Finally, the plenums were sealed to ensure there were no leaks (as the black areas at the bottom of the photo on the old insulation show there were), so that the system will deliver the air as efficiently and cleanly as possible.


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  1. The Trane XV95 furnace is a great one, I’ve had mine for not too long but its been running exceptionally well, the Longo residence will be really happy with this furnace’s performance! Congrates

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