We recently wrote a blog post giving an overview of the different types of heat pumps that are commonly used by homeowners to heat and cool their home. It’s important to point out that there can be some limitations or weaknesses in using heat pumps depending on where you live. In colder climates where winter temperatures regularly fall near or below freezing, heat pumps may not be the most effective heat source. A great deal of energy could be required to render them useful in such an environment. They are much more suited for a more modest area like the Northwest region.

While all homes are certainly not perfect for heat pumps, they can be very beneficial for those with the right fit. These benefits include:

  • Energy efficiency – Heat pumps, when installed and operated in the right climate, can be extremely energy efficient. Some heat pumps can save up to 30 or 40 percent on your monthly energy bill as compared to traditional furnace systems.
  • Lower fossil fuel usage – Certain heat pumps, such as geo-thermal heat pump systems, don’t use any fossil fuels to heat and cool your home. This will not only be noticeable on a monthly basis on your gas bill, it also has environmental benefits!
  • Comfort is convenient – Heat pumps provide a quick and convenient option for making sure your home is as comfortable as it can be, regardless of your definition of comfort. Heat pumps regulate the temperature in your home very quickly, so you don’t have to be waiting around for too long to get your home to the exact temperature you desire.
  • Safety first – Heat pumps are extremely safe, especially when compared to combustion heat sources and wood burning fireplaces. There aren’t any hot surfaces on the system that can be risks for burns or other home safety dangers.
  • Higher air quality – These systems don’t burn oxygen when operating like their combustion counterparts. This can help reduce the “stuffiness” in the home. Properly installed heat pump systems also can act as air purifiers as they transfer clean air from one area of the home to another, making them perfect for people with asthma or other respiratory problems.

If you think installing a heat pump system in your home is a good idea, don’t hesitate to contact BelRed today for a consultation. We’d love to help bring these benefits (and more) to you and your home.

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