At BelRed, we’re big fans of sustainability, especially when it comes to making your home a little greener. We have many products and service solutions that are centered around not only saving energy and conservation, but going green in general. Energy conservation and energy savings upgrades are a big part of our work, so we’re involved in green home discussions on a regular basis.  Whether it’s policy, rebates and incentives or another green home topic, our knowledgeable staff is always on top of the latest and greatest when it comes to a low environmental impact around the home.

In this blog post series, we’ll share a few tips and tricks for making your home, and the way you live in it, as green as it can possibly be. Below is the final blog installment in this series. Enjoy!

  • Save water whenever possible. Water is not only a valuable resource around the house, but also a huge use (and cause of use) of energy in the home. Saving water whenever possible is one of the most important ways you can make your home and lifestyle greener. Taking shorter showers, Using water-saver nozzles on showerheads and faucets, turning the water off while brushing your teeth—these habits, among many others, are great ways to limit your living impact around the home.
  • Change your laundry temperature. Making the simple switch from hot water to cold while washing laundry can help save a lot of energy over many loads. Cold water will clean laundry just as well, and removing the need to heat up that great deal of water can really cut down on your electric or gas bill depending on the type of washing machine you own. One flip of a knob can be a big energy saver when it comes to an appliance you use so much.
  • Switch to grilling on the summer. For your meal prep and cooking needs, switching to more meals using the grill outside can help save a lot of energy inside. Constantly using an oven on a daily basis adds a great deal of heat not only to your kitchen, but to the entire home. This means your air conditioning unit has to kick into overdrive and work much harder to keep your house cool. Grilling will keep this heat outside while you prepare your delicious meals!
  • Think about a prefabricated home. If you’re in the process of (or thinking about) building a home, you may want to explore the possibilities of having a prefabricated home built for you. These aren’t the “mobile homes” of yesteryear. New green companies are producing and delivering maximum efficiency, modern homes that people love. By building in the factory, less waste is also created. This is obviously a big step, but one worth exploring if you want the ultimate green home.

For a personalized analysis and recommendations on how to go green around your home that are developed just for you, give us a call today. BelRed is happy to help you become more energy independent than you’ve ever been.

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