Staying warm is imperative during these colder winter months. Luckily, there are many different ways to heat your home. Furnaces are perhaps the most popular way homeowners keep their homes heated and comfortable. While there are many different sizes, shapes, models and types of furnaces, all of them have to be cleaned and maintained in order to maximize their efficiency and overall performance.


We’ve put together some things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your residential furnace in this blog series. Below, enjoy the final part in this blog series of maintenance tips and items to keep in mind:


1. All furnaces are not created equally when it comes to lubrication. Some furnace models do not require regular lubrication. For some models, lubrication is a key aspect of furnace maintenance. However, many models today are permanently lubricated and sealed, not requiring any type of lubrication maintenance. It is extremely important to know what type of model you own, because if it is one that requires lubrication, ignoring this step could be extremely harmful to the furnace’s long-term performance and overall efficiency.


2. Shut off the power supply to the furnace before doing any maintenance or cleaning. Many people think a quick cleaning, belt check or other maintenance check without shutting down the power to the furnace. This is a big safety mistake. When doing anything around your furnace (or any electrical appliance or system, for that matter), you should shut off its supply. At your main electrical panel, switch off the appropriate circuit breaker or remove the fuse that supplies power to the furnace. If you’re not sure which circuit leads to the furnace and it isn’t clearly marked on the board, be safe and shut off the power supply to the entire house. Flashlights are your friends during furnace maintenance and cleaning.


3. Don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements. Furnace maintenance and cleaning packages are widely available through service providers, suppliers and contractors. It might be in your best interest to take them up on those offers. Letting professional clean and inspect your heating and cooling system on a regular basis will not only ensure you and your loved ones are comfortable, it can lead to a long, healthy and efficient life for your furnace. You may be able to avoid those dreaded larger replacement or repair bills if things aren’t taken care of properly on your own. Don’t be left out in the cold.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog series on furnace maintenance and cleaning tips and reminders. Again, you can always contact BelRed to speak in more detail about getting some help with these (and many other) furnace inspection and maintenance steps.

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