As we recently mentioned in a post about gas fireplace inserts on our BelRed blog, fall is upon us. The night temperatures are beginning to drop and it’s time to start thinking about how to make your home as efficient as possible this winter. As you’re aware, heating your home and keeping it performing at a high standard requires preparation. In this blog post series, we’ll bullet out some tips to make sure you’re ready for anything winter can throw at you when it comes to challenging your home’s energy efficiency and performance.


  • Clean your gutters. Fall is the perfect time to clean your gutters, especially if you expect freezing temperatures this winter. Backed up gutters can cause a lot of costly water issues, including dampness and leaks in the basement of your home. As we’ve discussed many times before on the blog, dampness and water issues in the basement can cause mold and mildew problems throughout the house. Cleaning and repairing your gutters to keep that at full function can help prevent the need for much larger projects later.


  • Inspect and repair your roof. Much like gutters, it’s important to inspect and repair any issues with the most important protective layer your home has—its roof. Inspect the roof now before the harsh elements of winter are upon us. Ice and snow can cause big problems with a roof that isn’t fully functional or has broken shingles. Make necessary repairs now before these issues have a chance to arise.


  • Inspect and seal your foundation. Cracks are common in foundations of homes—especially older homes. As we mentioned above with faulty gutters, basement leaks can cause big, expensive problems. Cracks in the foundation provide gateways for water and ice to seep in and cause major damage during the winter. Again, making smaller repairs now and sealing up cracks with the right materials can make your home’s external barrier strong once again.


Stay tuned to the BelRed Home Energy Blog as we bring you more fall home energy savings tips soon. At BelRed, we’re all about high home performance and saving you energy (and money!). Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn the best ways you can prepare for the cold months ahead with BelRed’s help.