Mr. Hoffman recently experienced common problem homeowners with older homes face – original or out-of-date heating systems shutting down or not working properly. Recognizing the need to an upgrade to his system, he called in our BelRed professionals to take a look.

In addition to the installation of newer equipment in his home and water heating systems, Mr. Hoffman selected to change from electric heating to gas heating. This required running almost 100 feet of new gas pipe to five different locations in his home.


To replace the home’s original gas furnace, our team installed a 95% efficient Rheem RGFG furnace with all new venting and condensation drains. This top of the line, two-stage model from Rheem will certainly lead to a huge reduction of energy needs to make Mr. Hoffman’s home comfortable. This Rheem furnace provides exceptional comfort with a modulating gas valve to provide only as much heat as is needed, coupled with a variable speed fan to gently mix and distribute the air throughout the home. To complete the furnace portion of the job, the BelRed team added three new supply duct runs to allow for proper airflow to the new furnace. A media filter was also installed to increase filtration of the air that was being heated.


(original furnace and water heater)


(new furnace and water heater)

In addition to the installation of the new furnace system, proper sealing and insulation was also installed in Mr. Hoffman’s attic, which will have a huge impact on his monthly energy bill bottom line all year round. Full weatherization work was performed in his attic, with all penetrations between the house and attic being sealed. This should also help maximize the comfort of his home.

Finally, the BelRed installation professionals helped Mr. Hoffman check the final item off his heating checklist by installing a new Bradford White power-vent hybrid water heater. This hybrid water heater model will provide exceptional hot water delivery to Mr. Hoffman’s home while saving a great deal of energy. All upgrades we recently made to Mr. Hoffman’s home heating systems will have a great impact on his overall energy use and needs. If you’d like to explore how you can save energy and money on your monthly energy bills through home energy improvements, don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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