At BelRed, we always strive to provide the best products and services for our customers, whatever their needs may be. We have a professional staff that aims to bring both knowledge and care to each project we work on. Our commitment to our customers not only includes bringing them great service, but also offering the best products on the market that will meet their needs. We carefully select the brands and products we choose to install because we know the quality each has to offer.


One such line of products, as we’ve discussed in previous posts, is Indow Windows. Indow Windows provide the energy and money saving effectiveness of double pane window installation for a fraction of the price of full window replacement. These thermal window inserts are extremely effective at blocking drafts and air leaks that are commonly associated with older or ineffective windows.


These windows also provide a great deal of noise reduction upon installation, which is something only a full window upgrade and replacement can match. We’ve had a great deal of many happy customers after installing Indow Windows in their homes.


Here’s what one recent satisfied customer had to say about the effectiveness and savings she has seen from Indow Windows installed by our team here at BelRed:


“I [purchased] 8 Indow Windows through BelRed (Energy Solutions) in November 2013 — and they are GREAT!!!

Literally, within minutes of Chuck installing the windows, my heat pump shut off!  Even though both the average high and average low temperatures in Everett (WA) have been lower this year than last by a few degrees, I’m already using at least 2 kw per day less than I did last year, according to the Snohomish County PUD!  I expect future energy bills will show even greater savings.  The windows make an enormous difference in my 1925 bungalow — no more drafts, and my 95-year-old Mom is MUCH more comfortable now.”


If you’re interested in exploring the benefits Indow Windows can bring to you and your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here at BelRed today. We’d love to save you energy and money, and an Indow Window installation can be a great place to start! You can also watch the video below for another great customer testimonial explaining the benefits of Indow Windows: