While we may not initially think about it, the cold months of winter are an extremely important time of year for the plumbing system in your home. Some of the biggest catastrophes can happen during this time, and those problems are the most difficult, annoying and even downright painful to fix while it’s freezing cold out.

Any change in season is a good time to inspect and maintain your home’s plumbing system. In this short blog post series, we’ve laid out some helpful tips that you can follow to help make sure your home plumbing is flowing like a champ this winter. Below is part one:

  • Test that water pressure! If your water isn’t flowing as well as it has in the past, there’s likely a reason. Checking the pressure of your faucets and showerheads can alert you to potential plumbing problems. Low pressure may be caused by sediment buildup or problems with the water line that need to be addressed. Again, doing this now while it’s still warm can help you avoid doing it in the freezing cold when a larger problem presents itself.
  • Clear out your sump pump area and test the pump for proper functionality. Avoiding plumbing mishaps is great, but it’s a reality that they do happen. Being prepared for when something does go wrong is extremely important as well. Knowing your sump pump is properly working can help you rest a bit easier when it comes to plumbing mishaps. These units help protect against flooding damage in your home and even reduce the threat of mold and mildew. Making sure yours is working properly and efficiently is key during this time of year.
  • A leaky faucet is nobody’s friend. Leaky faucets can cause a great deal of water (and sometimes heat) waste. Even a faucet that drips extremely slowly can cause water waste of a gallon or more per day. If it’s hot water that is slowly leaking, this can also cause an unnecessary amount of hot water usage in your home, adding an extra cost to your monthly heating bills.
  • Prepare for those extra cold spells. While temperatures don’t often stay below freezing for too long at a time in our area, it’s important to be prepared for such a scenario. Ensuring you take precautionary measures to prevent freezing pipes is a good idea during this time of year. Add insulation to necessary pipes. Fix all noticeable leaks now, as these leaks can cause pipes to burst under freezing temperatures. If you know you’re going away when the days and nights get cold, ensure your heat stays on at a reasonable temperature to combat pipe freezing. Paying attention to these and other preventative measures can save you from big headaches and repair costs.

As always, if you don’t feel comfortable inspecting your home’s plumbing or think there may be some issues, don’t hesitate to contact BelRed’s team of plumbing experts today.

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